Books as Aesthetic Objects

Department Store Book

A whole sub-set of books in the Jaffe Collection might be entitled World of Women, because there are books in the collection that refer specifically to women’s lives and women’s interests.READ MORE

Dreambook I

Virginia Stearns’s powerful collages and painting paradoxically portray the evanescence of dreams... READ MORE

Eclectic Geometric

I once heard Martha Stewart say that ‘K’ was an awkward center letter in a monogram, but unfortunately I have no choice. Perhaps if she had seen the ‘K’ Russell Maret designed, she would better appreciate a gorgeous ‘K,’ standing alone. READ MORE


From the website of Vamp and Tramp, Booksellers, LLC: "This mossy [colored] boxed set contains accordion books featuring four ... READ MORE

Fragments of a Dream

Part of the magic and the mystery of a collection of books is trying to understand what draws an artist, a poet, a man to make a book, not knowing where it will find a home, or who will see it. READ MORE

Ge'ez Bible tells us that “Ge’ez is to Ethiopia as Latin is to the west. Ge’ez, like Latin, was not used as a spoken language for a very long time. But like Latin, Ge’ez is the precursor of Ethiopia’s three major Semitic languages.” READ MORE

God's Man

A book of 139 wood engravings with no words, Gods’ Man reflects the collector Arthur Jaffe’s early interest in woodcuts, beginning with acquisitions of works by Leonard Baskin and the book that may be the Collection’s best-known bibliographic treasure, the Cranach Press Hamlet... READ MORE


An elegant cloth-covered clamshell box contains a big book and a little book each with its own nest and lift-ribbon. The big book is a triumph of immediacy: a record of an ‘officially sanctioned’ visit the artists took to Havana, Cuba, in 2003, Johanna Drucker with her pen, Brad Freeman with his camera. READ MORE

Kathryn's Book

This book earned the First Place Award of the South Florida Calligraphy Guild, the Mata Jaffe Purchase prize, in 2007. Kati Van Aernum is a resident of Key West, Florida and a first-time bookmaker. From the colophon: “This book is an exploration of my birth name, Kathryn, leading me through ancient and modern history, the arts, sciences and religion. READ MORE


Some voiceless, inanimate objects have the remarkable quality of making you hear sound when there is no sound. Maya Lin’s Vietnam Memorial, for example, begins quietly with an inscribed name, then two, then multiples on multiples until, when you reach the angle formed by the two murmurous walls, all the names cry out of the silence. READ MORE

Lame Duck

Lame Duck by Marshall Sanders is a spiral bound self-published book of of black and white photographic images. READ MORE


Here’s another primer on how to read: opening this book is an invitation to ‘read’ on several levels and several planes. READ MORE