Featured Artists Videos

Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder

Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder is a book artist based in San Antonio, Texas. Keri produces limited-edition artist’s books and is the proprietor of Coyote Bones Press...READ MORE

Julia Arrendondo

Our next artist needs no formal introduction. She was the 2014 Helen M. Salzberg Artist in Residence here at the JCBA. If you don’t know this artist’s work, it’s raw, it’s slick, it’s inspiring, culturally aware, personal and well, just some of the coolest work you will see in the book arts.....READ MORE

Irene Chan

Our next artist, Irene Chan, has created a book for our current times titled, I-Ching Cards. Taking from a rich cultural tradition and using processes which mimic those used for centuries, she has re-imagined a philosophical system to help balance the chaos and symmetry of our lives....READ MORE

Rick Black

Perhaps it was fortuitous that we choose our next artist, Rick Black, to represent our Artist of the Week at this specific moment in time. Rick’s work, Amichai Windows, illustrates through great craft and thought, the imagery of one of the great Israeli poets, Yehuda Amichai....READ MORE

Emily Martin

Emily Martin is our next artist of the week. It doesn’t take long in becoming familiar with the book arts to learn that Iowa City is a great bastion for the blending of craft and art....READ MORE

Mindy Belloff

In this week’s Artist of the Week video, Mindy Belloff of Intima Press highlights her work, A Golden Thread. This book showcases the beauty and elegance that can be achieved through the marriage of print, illustration and design....READ MORE

Joanne Kluba

This week we highlight Joanne Kluba with her inspirational work Tokonoma. In the video, Joanne succinctly describes her artistic process from inspiration to execution and offers this blueprint for others to follow....READ MORE

Margaret Davis

Margret Davis, our next artist of the week, takes us back to a simpler and more thoughtful time in "China under the Covers"....READ MORE

Helen Edmunds

It is our absolute pleasure to present our next Artist of the Week, Helen Edmunds, one of the amazing students here at Florida Atlantic University having graced the Jaffe Center over the years....READ MORE

Maro Vandorou

In introducing our next artist, Maro Vandorou, it would be good to take a moment and think about the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. In its simplest form, this meditative exercise focuses on attuning yourself to the present, your feelings and your senses in the here and now....READ MORE

Sarah Huang

Happy Holidays everyone. Our next artist, Sarah Huang, represents how artistic ability can be cultivated further through an introduction to the Book Arts....READ MORE

Jaz Graf

Greeting everyone from right here in 2021, we made it! Today, to ring in the New Year we have Jaz Graf, a wonderful book artist, designer, paper engineer and all round great person....READ MORE

Susan Hulme

Susan Hulme is a design binder working from her studio in middle Tennessee. Previously, Susan worked as a graphic designer with approximately forty years of experience. In 2013, she collaborated with sculptor Alan LeQuire to create a limited edition of 100 books...READ MORE

Stephanie Wolff

This week, we feature someone whom is close to our hearts here at the JCBA, Helen M. Salzberg Artist in Resident in the FALL of 2015, Stephanie Wolff. Stephanie works with the book form, paper, text and textile, creating both two- and three-dimensional art....READ MORE

Julie Shaw Lutts

Julie Shaw Lutts is a book artist who creates one of a kind artist books and sometimes small editions. She thrives on challenging the idea of what an artist book is by using unconventional elements & objects in my books...READ MORE

Robbin Ami Silverberg

This week we are highlighting Robbin Ami Silverberg whom is the founding Director of Dobbin Mill / Dobbin Books in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, dedicated to the production of art in handmade paper and artists books, which she makes herself and in collaboration with others....READ MORE

Cherry Jeffs

Cherry Jeffs is our next artist of the week. She is a mixed-media artist with a ‘thing about wings’ and is based in the UK and Spain. Never happier than when cutting and sticking, Cherry has found her true creative calling, abandoning canvas to make artist’s books....READ MORE

Ann Kalmbach and Tatana Kellner

This week, we have a two for one deal, with Ann Kalmbach and Tatana Kellner. Ann and Tatana have been life and work partners since 1974. As two of the four founders of Women’s Studio Workshop, they began making artist’s books together since 1979 and by 1983 began supporting other book artists in residency programs.....READ MORE

Dorothy SImpson Krause

Dorothy Simpson Krause is Professor Emerita at Massachusetts College of Art, author of Book + Art: Handcrafting Artists' Books and co author of Digital Art Studio. ...READ MORE

Peter and Donna Thomas

This week we highlight the talented team of Peter and Donna Thomas. Peter and Donna are book artists from Santa Cruz, California. They work collaboratively, making both edition and one-of-a-kind books....READ MORE

Courtney Lee Weida

This week we highlight Courtney Lee Weida. Courtney is an associate professor of Art Education at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY...READ MORE

Shirely Sharoff

Shirely Sharoff is the JCBA’s next artist of the week. Originally from Brookyn, New York, Shirley now lives and works in Montreuil, near Paris, France. She studied printmaking at the Atelier Friedlaender and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris...READ MORE

Lyall Harris and Patricia Silva

This week we are meant to feature two artists whom show how mutual respect and friendship can bring out the best in any artistic endeavor. Lyall Harris and Patricia SIlva have been collaborating book artists since 2014...READ MORE

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

This week, in the penultimate episode of our series, we highlight the artist Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord. Susan is inspired by the spirit of nature and the beauty and power of words...READ MORE