The Helen M. Salzberg Artist in Residence Program funds two working residencies for artists each academic year at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, in the fall and spring semesters. Artists working in the book arts (and other media, too, as long as the creative project can be thought of as book arts related) are encouraged to apply for this prestigious and competitive award. We accept applications from artists from all over the world.
Poet and artist Helen M. Salzberg established the Salzberg AIR Program in 2011. Income from this endowed fund enables artists working in the book arts to come to the Jaffe Center on a semester basis to work and teach at the center. While here, the artist will produce a creative project using JCBA studios and also teach a workshop for FAU students and the general public and mentor FAU students as his or her schedule allows. The Salzberg AIR Program gives our students the opportunity to work alongside highly talented and creative book artists.
Two residencies will be awarded each academic year: one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. The Artist in Residence (AIR) selected each semester will get his or her own office at JCBA and full use of the JCBA studios (papermaking, letterpress and book studios). The artist's residency will last for 12 weeks, though shorter or longer residencies may be accommodated as needed. In the application process, if an artist has a particularly ambitious creative project in mind, the artist may apply for a residency that would encompass two semesters. Should the two-semester residency be awarded in this case, the artist would be expected to teach one workshop in each semester.
The AIR receives a stipend of $5,000 for the semester. The artist is responsible for transportation, housing, parking, meals and materials for his or her creative project. If applying from out of the region, please keep in mind that costs for housing in South Florida can be substantial, and the stipend will most likely not cover your full expense. JCBA will provide materials for workshops. 

The AIR is expected to complete a Creative Project while in residency at JCBA. If the project is an editioned one, one copy of the project will be given to JCBA for the Jaffe Collection and a portion of the edition shall be given to JCBA for fundraising purposes. The percentage of the edition given by the AIR to JCBA will be negotiated with each artist, based on the complexity of the project, but need not exceed ten percent of the edition (unless the artist desires to donate more of the edition to JCBA). We are open to all Creative Project ideas, but the project should include some aspect of the book arts. A limited edition book is a logical Creative Project, but we will gladly consider other projects that somehow incorporate paper or print or creative approaches to the book arts. We have a very broad definition of the Book at JCBA, and we welcome each artist's unique approach and perspective. If you think there's a connection, there probably is.
The AIR will teach a workshop, and depending on the nature of the workshop, it may be one that meets for one or two intensive days or it may be one that meets over the course of the semester. The workshop would most likely be one that covers some aspect of the book arts in handmade paper, paper decoration, print or binding, but again, we are open to other concepts, too.
JCBA studios will be open and available for the AIR's use and for the workshop taught by the AIR. To help with your creative project and workshop planning, here is a list of available equipment in each studio: The Letterpress Studio includes two Vandercook 4 proof presses, a Potter proof press, a Wesel Washington style iron handpress, a small platen press and a hand operated guillotine, as well as a growing collection of metal and wood types. The Book Studio includes board shears, Kutrimmer paper cutter, job backer, various book presses (including five nipping presses and two smaller versions of standing presses), a sewing frame, finishing presses, foil stampers with type, and various tools for tooling, as well as a Timothy Moore Precision Plow and a Signature Punch. The Paper Lab includes a Renna Hollander beater, two large vats, a horizontal drying system and a vacuum table, various moulds and deckles and felts, and an electric kiln for paper/clay projects. There is an all-purpose Book & Paper Studio that includes a small intaglio press, however there are no facilities at JCBA for engraving plates. The AIR receives an office at JCBA.
Artists who wish to compete for consideration for this prestigious opportunity must submit their application and support materials for review by a JCBA panel comprised of book artists and book arts enthusiasts. Your application packet must be submitted via post or delivered in person to JCBA and should include the following:
1. Completed application (download and print pdf here at our website), or suitable cover letter that supplies the same information requested on the pdf.
2. Brief narrative of the creative project you envision.
3. Brief narrative of the workshop you would like to teach.
4. Current resume.
5. Any support materials you care to include: we welcome images of your work, sketches for the creative project, books, video... be creative and have fun.  
All applications will be weighed equally by our panel. Deliver your completed application packet or send via post to:
    John Cutrone
    Helen M. Salzberg Artist in Residence Program
    Jaffe Center for Book Arts
    Florida Atlantic University Libraries
    777 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33431

The next residency for which we will accept applications is Spring Semester 2017, which runs early January through late May. The deadline for applications is Friday, September 30, 2016. Completed applications and support materials must be received by 5 PM that day. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. The review board hopes to make its decision for the Spring Semester AIR by early November, 2016.

Florida Atlantic University is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access employer. Individuals requiring accommodation, please call 561-297-3058.  TTY/TDD 1-800 955-8771)

Current Artist

Ingrid Schindall

Summer 2016

Past Artists

Brooke Frank

Spring 2016

Stephanie Wolff

Fall 2015

Julia Arredondo

Spring 2014

Tom Virgin

Fall 2013

Paula Marie Gourley

Spring 2013

Lorna Ruth Galloway

Fall 2012

Dorothy Simpson Krause

Spring 2012