Instructor Brooke Frank

Tuesday evening July 19, 2016
6 to 9 PM
JCBA Bindery, Library 350C

$25 general public
$20 FAU faculty & staff and students from other institutions
$15 FAU students 

Sketchbooks are fundamentally for recording our questions, our responses, and our observations. They do not require the same filter we apply to the rest of our lives. This workshop is focused on helping participants understand their relationship to art-making, so naturally, it is formatted around conversation and a cozy sketchbook session. We will be drawing, writing, collaging, and talking throughout the workshop.

Participants will receive a handout with a number of questions about their practice, what they gain from it, who they make work for, what they do when things aren’t working out, and how they feel about their sketchbooks. These questions will be pasted or transcribed into their working sketchbook and worked through over the course of the session. Each question will be addressed with a group rapid-answer session, a timed silent-work period, and a group discussion, during which students may speak about their thoughts as they develop. We will discuss some very basic design principles and drawing exercises (for which zero talent is required), and try to resolve all of the pages and questions both aesthetically and intellectually. An emphasis will be placed on being willing to take risks, to make something ugly, and to let plans and ideas change. The intention is to develop content and meaning through the process of making art, rather than to treat art-making as a means to an end product.

You will be asked to react aesthetically, emotionally, and intellectually, and to think of one way in which the work is personal and one way in which the work relates to other people, on any scale. You will very likely be unsatisfied to some degree at some point, but this workshop is intended to guide you toward making something positive from each seemingly unsalvageable situation.

You will give attention to both aesthetics and content, but you are expected to honestly pursue your intentions in both realms. Not every student has fine-art intentions, and that is entirely welcomed. There is as much depth in one student’s relationship to the niece/daughter/spouse to whom they usually give their work, as there is in another student’s journey to develop their own artistic vision and intentions. You may or may not arrive with an intention to explore a specific topic, but if you do, it will find its way in. If you do not, you will find one. You will be encouraged to tear out and mail anything you still hate to a friend, loved one, or enemy.

Advance registration is required for all JCBA workshops.  Email JCBA Director John Cutrone at Sending your email will begin the registration process.

One seat in this workshop is available to an FAU student at no cost thanks to JCBA Book Arts Enthusiast Cindy Bartosek, who has funded student participation in our workshops with a generous gift to the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. To be considered for this seat, you must be a current FAU student and send an email to explaining what it would mean to you to have the opportunity to take this workshop. Application deadline: Wednesday July 6.


Papercrafting for Making Handmade Greeting Cards
Instructors Jennifer Isham & Jeff Ursillo


Saturday August 13, 2016
9:00am to 4 PM
JCBA Bindery 350C

Tuition Schedule:
$70 general public
$60 FAU faculty and staff and students from other institutions
$50 FAU students

When was the last time you made or received a handmade greeting card? Some people say the written letter and the sending of greeting cards is going the way of the horse and buggy. Not true! There are thousands of artisan writers and crafters handwriting letters and handmaking a wide assortment of multi-themed greeting cards. Card making is a fun, creative, and oftentimes meaningful outlet for the expression of sentiments.

This one day card crafting workshop is filled with tips and tools from beginning and intermediate skills to advanced. Participants will be cutting, folding, embossing, diecutting, layering, sponging, masking, stamping and even watercoloring to make a variety of cards including birthday, friendship, sympathy, and general themes suitable for women, men, and children. Expect to leave the workshop with a minimum of 8 hands-on techniques, completed cards, mailing envelopes, written instructions for replicating each card, and a list of resources for cardmaking supplies.

Jeff Ursillo and Jennifer Isham are both longtime and accomplished paper artists, not to mention longtime participants in Jaffe Center for Book Arts classes and activities. Jeff's love of handmade crafts goes back to childhood. He has been making handcrafted journals and greeting cards for a number of years, and particularly enjoys making ones that require precise measuring and paper manipulation. Three dimensional papercrafting projects and bookbinding are also favorites of his. In addition to his skills as a paper artist, Jeff is also a mineralogist who has been cutting cabochons for jewelry for over 20 years.

Jennifer has been a crafter and papercrafter since childhood. She has been making cards, journals, and scrapbooks since her children were very young. More often than not, her 25+ penpals can expect to receive a handwritten letter and mini journal, scrapbook or other paper surprise tucked inside one of her handmade cards. When asked what she would be if she could start her career over again, she quickly responds she would have loved to have been a kindergarten/grade school art teacher or professional paper crafter. She’s looking forward to retirement when she’ll have more time to papercraft and play with her grandchildren.

Advance registration is required for all JCBA workshops. To register, email JCBA Director John Cutrone at Sending your email will begin the registration process.

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