BOOK ARTS 101: Midsummer Night's Dream A Seasonal JCBA Immersion
Instructor John Cutrone

In House Workshop at JCBA
Saturday June 24, 2023
1 to 4 PM
JCBA Book Arts Gallery, Printshop, & Bindery at FAU's Wimberly Library, Room 350

Tuition schedule: Self-determined
Class limit: 18 (you must register ahead of time!)

June 24 brings St. John's Day: Old Midsummer. It is the day when the four lovers awoke in a grassy field after a long night of fairy induced mischief on St. John's Eve in Shakespeare's famous comedy, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." What better day, then, to bring back our old favorite introductory immersion in FAU Libraries' Jaffe Center for Book Arts? Some folks think JCBA is, after all, a place just as magical as any enchanted wood.


Every Friday (unless we have to cancel for other virtual events)
2 to 5 PM Eastern
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Here is the link and password for our virtual Real Mail Fridays letter writing socials:

(And in case you need it, the Meeting ID is 825 9779 8220 and the passcode is Kh51f6.)

Dear Friends,

We've built such a wonderful global community since we began beaming Real Mail Fridays out to the world through our weekly online JCBA Zoom socials, and it is truly humbling and heartwarming to see friends join us each week and new folks, too, from all corners of this vast planet. In that spirit, we have no plans to end our weekly Zoom version of Real Mali Fridays.

We're also making plans to resume our in-person version of Real Mail Fridays, which is, after all, what inspired the global version. We've been awarded a grant to help us update the technical equipment in the Jaffe Book Arts Gallery, and when these updates are complete, we will be able to host in-person Real Mail Fridays events that can connect, too, with our Real Mail pals around the world. We'll keep you posted as we make progress with equipment upgrades and installation, but we hope to have in-person Real Mail Fridays up and running again each First Friday of the month by the end of 2023.


featuring printer JENNIFER FARRELL of Starshaped Press
your host JOHN CUTRONE, Director of FAU Libraries' Jaffe Center for Book Arts

Watch now, any time you'd like. This Belated 2022 Wayzgoose features my interview with book artist and letterpress printer JENNIFER FARRELL of STARSHAPED PRESS, Chicago, and a Wayzgoose concert by singer/songwriter PATTY LARKIN from her studio on Cape Cod. You'll get some Wayzgoose history, too, a lesson on why folks are known to eat waffles on March 25 (especially folks who are Swedish), and a fabulous print-themed song, complete with press sounds, by John and Mark (John being John Upchurch of Chicago's Fireproof Press fame). We think you'll really love this one. Please enjoy! Original broadcast date: March 25, 2023.

This year our featured printer is JENNIFFER FARRELL, Principal Designer and Printer of Starshaped Press in Chicago, Illinois. Jen's approach? Ditch the plastic. Unlike most contemporary letterpress shops that rely on photopolymer plates, Starshaped focuses on reusing existing wood and metal types (some over 150 years old) for all projects.

Our Human Frame 100 Years of Baskin

Phoenix Woorcut; Baskin, Leonard In our lobby and Book Arts Gallery this Spring, we’re celebrating Leonard Baskin’s centennial and his work. Leonard Baskin, the son of a rabbi, was born on August 15th, 1922 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was one of the preeminent American sculptors and graphic artists of the 20th century. Baskin championed the emotive power of the immutable figure in a time when abstraction was in vogue, and though his work may seem macabre on the surface, Baskin held humanity and justice in high regard. Although he primarily considered himself a sculptor, Baskin maintained a massive output of prints, books, graphic art, drawings, monumental woodcuts, and broadsides throughout his career. Baskin taught printmaking, sculpture, and drawing at Smith College in Northampton and Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. (Photo: Phoenix, seven color woodcut from Ted Hughes' A Primer of Birds, 1981)