Every Friday (unless we have to cancel for other virtual events)
2 to 5 PM Eastern
From Wherever You Are, via Zoom


Here is the link and password for our virtual Real Mail Fridays letter writing socials:

(And in case you need it, the Meeting ID is 825 9779 8220 and the passcode is Kh51f6.)

Dear Friends,

We've built such a wonderful global community since we began beaming Real Mail Fridays out to the world through our weekly online JCBA Zoom socials, and it is truly humbling and heartwarming to see friends join us each week and new folks, too, from all corners of this vast planet. In that spirit, we have no plans to end our weekly Zoom version of Real Mali Fridays.

We're also making plans to resume our in-person version of Real Mail Fridays, which is, after all, what inspired the global version. We've been awarded a grant to help us update the technical equipment in the Jaffe Book Arts Gallery, and when these updates are complete, we will be able to host in-person Real Mail Fridays events that can connect, too, with our Real Mail pals around the world. We'll keep you posted as we make progress with equipment upgrades and installation, but we hope to have in-person Real Mail Fridays up and running again each First Friday of the month by the end of 2023.

Meanwhile, please do join us online at JCBA Zoom each Friday from 2 to 5 Eastern. What to expect? Three hours of a very Jaffe soundtrack. Friendly faces from across the US and Canada and very often other parts of the globe, too. Time for yourself, in the company of other like-minded folks, to get things done. We do bill Real Mail Fridays as a letter writing social, but the folks who join us each week do all kinds of interesting things during the social: some do write letters, but others are crocheting, some are binding books, some are figuring out paper engineering problems. Some are baking and you can almost smell the cookies as they come out of the oven. We've watched Real Mail friends as they shovel snow in Anchorage and as they garden in the Hudson Valley. We've seen lots of cats, many dogs, and a moose. People join in from home and from work. They come and go as they please over the course of the three-hour social, and you may do the same. We've become a global family that cares for each other and looks out for each other in good times and bad. Some folks tell us it's the best part of their week. It is a supremely heartwarming time.

We'll announce specially themed Real Mail Fridays events as they come, but count on some sort of Real Mail Fridays gathering each Friday afternoon from 2 to 5 Eastern. We'll announce cancelations (should they be necessary due to other programs or other situations) here on the webpage and on our social media pages.

We welcome you!

Sincerely yours,
the Staff of Jaffe Center for Book Arts
at Florida Atlantic University Libraries


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