Jaffe Center Book Arts Studios Rental Space

The Jaffe Center for Book Arts Studio Rental program allows authorized users to use JCBA studios and equipment for their personal creative projects. Revenue generated from studio rental will contribute toward upkeep of the studios and purchasing and maintenance of equipment and supplies. Here is a useful link to the S.E. Wimberly Space and Room Usage Policy.

Amos Paul Kennedy, Rosa Parks Broadside Series


$55 per hour for Assisted Studio Time available in the JCBA Letterpress Studio, Bindery, and Paper Lab. During assisted studio time, a JCBA staff member will assist in production or provide one-on-one instruction as needed. Participants must demonstrate proficiency in use of equipment before they are allowed to use the studios independently: printers must demonstrate proper technique in setting and distributing type and in operation of the press they are using; binders must demonstrate proper technique in cutting tools, especially board shears, paper cutters, and guillotine; papermakers must demonstrate proper technique in use of the Hollander beater, moulds and deckles, hydraulic press, and drying systems.

$35 per hour for Independent Studio Time in the JCBA Letterpress Studio, Bindery, and Paper Lab for participants who have demonstrated proficiency, as determined by the Director, with the equipment being used.


JCBA will provide access to equipment and basic supplies such as inks, solvents, rags. For printing, participants will provide their own paper and will be responsible for costs of plates made in our photopolymer platemaker. In the bindery, participants will provide their own papers, board, thread, and adhesive. In the paper lab, participants will provide raw materials for papermaking and pigments.

Participants will be expected to treat the studios, machinery, tools, and type with respect and clean up after themselves. Presses and papermaking equipment must be left clean. All type must be redistributed upon project completion.

In scheduling, JCBA workshops take precedence over studio rentals. Requests to reserve the JCBA studios must be made with the Dean of Libraries through the form submission process here.

1890, Wesel Press, Washington Hand Press

Letterpress Studio

This studio is housed in the room that originally held the Jaffe Collection. Equipment includes two Vandercook proof presses, a Potter proof press, and a tabletop Platen press, all from the twentieth century.

Lorna Galloway, Hollander Beater, Hydraulic Paper Press

JCBA's Paper Lab!

This studio can be found in a satellite location at T6, one of FAU's historic World War II era buildings on the northeast corner of campus. It is the setting for instruction in hand papermaking topics, as well as paper decoration.

Book Bindery, Work Table, Lamp

Book Studio 350C

This is our setting for teaching workshops and classes in bookbinding, book structures, boxmaking, paper decoration, and other such topics. It includes comfortable work stations, board shears, and numerous nipping presses.