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Space and Room Usage Policy

I.                 Policies

1.      This document explains policies and procedures related to room use at Florida Atlantic University’s Wimberly Library, Boca Raton campus. Primary use of facilities is for library services and programs. Other organizations that are part of the university may request use of a room on a case by case basis.  All requests for space must be submitted electronically per the process below. No space at Wimberly Library is available for regularly scheduled classes.

 II.                Eligibility

1.      The following groups are eligible to request rooms and space at Wimberly Library:

a.      FAU Library departments/units.

b.      Organizations or units that are part of Florida Atlantic University.

 III.              Request and Scheduling Process 

1.      Requests must be made using the FAU Libraries Room Request Form.  Please check FAU Libraries Meetings and Events Calendar to be sure that requested space is not already reserved.

2.      When a reservation request is made, it can take up to ten business days for the Library Administration staff to process the reservation.

3.      Once it is processed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the primary requestor.

4.      Florida Atlantic University Libraries reserves the right to refuse a request to reserve space.

 IV.             Reservation Time Frames 

1.      Requests for reservations can be initiated up to one year in advance. 

2.      All event details are required no later than two weeks prior to the event.  Requests made after this time are not guaranteed.

3.      Requests during final exam week and study period (the week before finals) will be considered but may not be approved due to the special constraints and demands on space during this time.

  V.               Food and Beverage

 1.      Permission to serve food and beverage in library spaces must be approved by the Library Administration staff.
          Please note request on FAU Libraries Room Request Form. 

2.      If approved, you will be asked to provide a copy of your confirmed catering order or food waiver and catering set-up needs.

3.      The requestor is responsible for arranging food and beverage service through FAU’s authorized caterer, Chartwell’s:  http://www.fau.edu/events/catering.php

         ** Please note** - no berries are allowed.

 VI.              Technology 

1.      If you have technical needs, we need to know two weeks in advance.

2.      Technical support and supplemental technology must be arranged by the requestor.

3.      Supplemental equipment technical support arrangements and setup are the responsibility of the requestor.

4.      The Library will work with requestors to test and confirm all computer applications or connectivity prior to the event.  IT support/testing may be arranged during the workday, Monday – Friday. (IT troubleshooting on personal devices (non FAU equipment) will be limited to network connectivity issues.)

 **Please note** Wireless access is available throughout the building but it is not recommended that groups rely on wireless connectivity for internet access.

 VII.            Furniture and General Usage

 1.      Furniture may not be rearranged without approval from Library Administration.

 2.      Please identify room set-up needs and expected attendance on the FAU Libraries Room Request Form. 

 VIII.          Cancellations

 1.      In the best interests of the University, it may be necessary to give priority to or cancel one event in favor of another.  When such a cancellation becomes necessary, the unit or group holding the reservation shall be notified as far in advance as possible.

 2.      In accordance with FAU emergency policies, if severe weather or other emergency situation arises, room reservations during that period will be cancelled.

 3.      Office of the Dean of Libraries reserves the right to cancel due to emergency conditions.

 IX.              Parking

 1.      There are a limited number of metered (numbered) parking spaces located in front of the Wimberly Library (parking lot 19) which is enforced 24/7.

 2.      If the event involves a large group, special parking arrangements must be made.  Please indicate your parking needs on the FAU Libraries Room Request Form. 

 3.      Handicapped hang tags must also be accompanied by FAU hang tags.

 4.      Additional information about parking at Florida Atlantic University is available at:

FAU Parking and Transportation Services:  http://www.fau.edu/parking

 5.      The FAU Libraries is not responsible for parking tickets that may be issued. 

 X.               Safety

 1.      Due to fire code regulations, the number of guests attending a scheduled function may not exceed the capacity of the room (See FAU Room Descriptions and Capacities page.)

 XI.              Violations 

1.      Any group using space within the Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library is expected to take proper care of the facility.  Each group is financially responsible for any extensive cleaning costs or damage resulting from abuse or neglect.


Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library Room Descriptions and Capacities:




Capacity/ Sq.Ft.



Front Porch

See Library Front Porch Policy


Mon – Sun

7:30 am - Sundown

Library Lobby


1st floor


Mon – Sun

Library Hours


First Floor Meeting

Room (East Wing) LY 177


1st floor

10 seats





253 sq. ft.

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Instruction Lab

LY 136


1st floor

71 seats





1,672 sq. ft.

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 9:00 pm


 FAU Libraries Room Request Form 



 Questions regarding public service policies should be directed to Dawn Smith Assistant Dean, Public Services.

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