Books as Aesthetic Objects

Kathryn's Book

This book earned the First Place Award of the South Florida Calligraphy Guild, the Mata Jaffe Purchase prize, in 2007. Kati Van Aernum is a resident of Key West, Florida and a first-time bookmaker. From the colophon: “This book is an exploration of my birth name, Kathryn, leading me through ancient and modern history, the arts, sciences and religion. READ MORE


Some voiceless, inanimate objects have the remarkable quality of making you hear sound when there is no sound. Maya Lin’s Vietnam Memorial, for example, begins quietly with an inscribed name, then two, then multiples on multiples until, when you reach the angle formed by the two murmurous walls, all the names cry out of the silence. READ MORE

Lame Duck

Lame Duck by Marshall Sanders is a spiral bound self-published book of of black and white photographic images. READ MORE


Here’s another primer on how to read: opening this book is an invitation to ‘read’ on several levels and several planes. READ MORE

Miss Gowanus

"Less-than-traditional materials have been used in Miss Gowanus, a work created and printed by Meg Belichick in 1996. Like the Gowanus Canal, this book is made of organic and inorganic materials. READ MORE

Mission Miracle Mile Trilogy

The Mission Miracle Mile Trilogy is a solo work in which Dana Smith’s digitally enhanced photography takes center stage. READ MORE

Novus Atlas Coelestis

Novus Atlas Coelestis was created by Carlos Macia, a Cuban-born artist who grew up in Miami. READ MORE

Ode to a Grand Staircase

"Ode to a Grand Staricase is the product of a long-distance duet performed by book artists Barbara Tetenbaum and Julie Chen. The text of composer Eric Satie’s March of the Grand Staircase accompanies vibrant and playful letterpress graphics on each page. READ MORE


Botanical Ballistics is bound in wooden boards held by leather and bullet casings. This book plays graphically and etymologically with the language of agriculture and the language of ordnance. READ MORE