This Original Self

By Sandra Turley
INK-A! Press Artists' Book

This interesting book has absence as its subject. The short poem is letterpress printed, but it is the imagery that draws the reader in: it is accomplished through a method of devore printing, in which the natural fibers of the fabric are burnt away. What is left is are but ghosts of images: in this case words, and a portrait of which we catch mere glimpses as the book progresses. Nothing here is ever complete.

The book is bound in an accordian style in cloth covered boards. The cloth on the boards, too, has been devore printed with word imagery. Even here, the imagery is incomplete. Sentences never begin, they never end... what we get are fragments, and the hint that the outer text has to do with naming. But the interpretation of this text is left open to us as readers.

- Judith Klau

  • Flag binding, printed injekt with text from Wilbur Wright and Ira Gershwin
  • Edition of 20