The Red Square/Moscow

By Gea Grevnik

"I am at a total loss whereever I am, it's always true, sometimes in several spots at the same time: the spectre of Moscow, the Iced Cake, the Palace of Culture of Warsaw... In the Soviet capital are six exactly the same buildings of this I put the Iced Cake of Warsaw right there where it actually belongs: on the map of Moscow."

The invocation in English and Russian appears on the back cover of this physical and imaginative representation of a single building's presence. The front cover is dimensional, a super-imposed detail of a street map incorporated into the geometrical graphics of the title.

Inside, overlapping cut pages present six rubber stamped images of a single building behind a street grid that tops brilliantly colored layers of geographical details of buildings, green spaces, bodies of water and a glimpse into the deep heart of Red Square. Enfolded at the core of the books is an envelope of four red triangles that, opened, reveal a die-cut map of the city's subway system.

- Judith Klau

  • Die cut pages with rubber stamps
  • Limited edition