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The Reference Collection: Wimberly Library

I. General

The Reference Collections.
The reference collections are non-circulating collections of resources designed to support the basic research and information needs of the University community in all subject fields. Reference resources of all types (including electronic products) are selected in accordance with the criteria established for the selection of library materials.

The Library currently emphasizes the purchase of reference materials in online electronic formats to maximize their accessibility and use, and also for cost effectiveness. The Library may elect to replace a title in a print format with its electronic format when the electronic version is complete, official, and permanently accessible.

The resources chosen for the reference collection supply as much reliable information as possible with a minimum of duplication. As a general rule, only the latest edition of a reference work is shelved in the reference section. Older editions are transferred to the circulating collection or discarded.

II. Specific Reference Materials

III. Deselection

The reference collection is reviewed and its materials are deselected on an ongoing basis; new editions are received and older ones are removed from the collection. A complete inventory of the reference collection occurs as needed by the reference staff. The Head of the Reference Department, with the assistance of reference staff, reviews the collection and deselects inappropriate or outdated titles. Faculty members and other library personnel may be consulted when appropriate. Superseded editions that are removed from the reference area may be added to the circulating collection or placed in FAU branch libraries if the information in them is current.

Reviewed December 2013


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