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Instruction Studio Use Policy

The Wimberly Library instruction studio at Florida Atlantic University is a library instruction space that has 35 computers. In addition, the space is WI-FI ready and has five tables for studying at the back of the room.  This classroom was designed for library staff to teach classes, primarily for FAU and PBSC faculty and students how to access the library's proprietary databases and other online resources effectively.

Usage Guidelines

The instruction lab may be used only for the following purposes:

  • College classes scheduled for library instruction taught by a librarian or library assistant.
  • Only faculty and staff who are co-teaching with a librarian may use the studio.
  • High school or middle school classes scheduled for library instruction taught by a librarian or library assistant.
  • Library instruction for faculty or staff taught by a librarian or library assistant.
  • Library staff meetings.
  • Library staff training by a librarian, librarian assistant or outside vendor.
  • Other FAU University trainings, instruction sessions, or orientations as determined by Head, Reference & Instruction Services

  • The room is NOT available for: 

  • Regular meetings of any group, including regularly scheduled college classes, except as determinded by the Interim Dean of University Libraries.
  • Use as a computer lab or study area, except as determined by Head, Reference & Instructional Services.

    Reserving the space for an Instruction Session:

  • Requests to sign up for an instruction session in the studio should be made by completing the Library Instruction Session request form, or by emailing lyilis@fau.edu or 561-297-0079.
  • Please send requests a minimum of 2 weeks in advance in order to best prepare for the class.
  • Meetings/training sessions for librarians must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting date.

    When your class or session is completed:

  • Make sure the projector is turned off.
  • Leave all computers turned on.
  • Lock the door. The door is to remain locked at all times when the classroom is not in use.
  • Return the key to Reference and Instructional Services (LY 157).

    Questions regarding public service policies should be directed to  Dawn Smith, Assistant Dean, Public Services.
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