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Honors College Theses

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Author Advisor Title Call No.
Adams IV, Robert T. Dr. Mark Tunick The Representation Paradox NX00.5 .A32 2009
Adler, Kimberly J. Dr. Martin Sweet Great Expectations? An Empirical Investigation of Student Knowledge of an Attitudes Toward Public School Searches NX00.5 .A354 2007
Ahmad, Hiyam Dr. Paul Kirchman A Comparison of the Effects of Manganese and Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutases on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Growth and Survival NX00.5 .A45 2005
Algarin, Alejandro Marcel Dr. Paul Kirchman Effect of Carbonyl Cyanide M-Chlorophenylhyrdazone on Mitochondrial Metabolism and Budding Rate of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae in Solid and Liquid Media NX00.5 .A452 2006
Allard, Emily R. Dr. Dale Williams & Dr. Julie Earles Listeners' Perceptions of Speech and Language Disorders NX00.5 .A455 2005
Althouse, Amanda Dr. William O'Brien & Professor Henry Smith A Comparison of Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus Polyphemus) Burrow Densities in Two Areas of Savannas Preserve State Park NX00.5 .A48 2005
Antolick, Tayra de la Caridad Dr. Chris Strain The Importance of Original Intent in Interpreting the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment NX00.5 .A57 2002
Antonucci, Patricia C. Dr. Mark Tunick How Many Strikes 'Til the Jury Is Out?: Peremptory Challenges in Voir Dire NX00.5 .A576 2004
Arenas, Diego Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes Immigrant Identity Development in the Christian Church: A Comparative Stduy of Hispanics in the United States NX00.5 .A745 2008
Avari, Cynthia Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes A Comparative Analysis of the French and American Judicial Systems and the Cultural Effects of Judicial Decisions NX00.5 .A827 2008
Bailey, Briana M.E. Dr. Wairimu Njamba Girls' Cyberbullying: An Emerging Non-Confrontationsl Method of Aggression NX00.5 .B355 2008
Balasis, Ewana K. Dr. Kevin Lanning Stereotypes and Memory: The Impact of Response Format on the Illusory Correlation Effect NX00.5 .B352 2003
Barreto, Marie Yaselly Dr. James Wetterer Membrane Permeability of Scaffold Peptides for Potential Use in Orally Administered Anti-HIV Drugs NX00.5 .B365 2007
Balter, Rebecca Dr. Kevin Lanning The Five-Factor Model and Contemporary Attitudes Towards Marginalized Groups NX00.5 .B357 2005
Barry, Tiffany Dr. Timothy Steigenga Agricultural Influences: The Immigration in the National Interest Act of 1995 NX00.5 .B37 2003
Bartell, Joanna Dr. Mark Tunick Deconstruction and the Law NX00.5 .B373 2004
Becker, Jennifer A. Dr. Julie Earles Attention to Novel Objects During Verb Learning in Children of different Age Groups NX00.5 .B425 2005
Beerman, Matthew Dr. James Wetterer The Search for Hidden Correlations Within Studies of Knee Repairs and Recoveries NX00.5 .B446 2006
Berman, Matthew Dr. Christopher Strain All Power to the People: The Black Panther Party as the Vanguard of the Oppressed NX00.5 .B47 2008
Bernhard, Katherine Joy Dr. Michael Harrawood Paradise Impaired: Duality in Paradise Lost NX00.5 .B427 2006
Betterman, Brian William Dr. Mary Ann Gosser Esquilin Armar el rompecabezas: la memoria y la tortura en La muerte y la doncella de Ariel Dorfman La escuelita de Alicia Partnoy NX00.5 .B48 2009
Bhatti, Sona Saghir Dr. Paul Kirchman Construction of a Yeast Strain to Analyze the Effects of Telomerase Export to the Mitochondria NX00.5 .B545 2006
Bhimani, Alia Dr. William O'Brien A Set of Small Journeys Behind the Redwood Curtain: Comparing Direct and Legal Action Against Maxxam/Pacific Lumber NX00.5 .B55 2004
Bichler, Margaret Dr. Wairimu Njambi & Dr. Mark Tunick Suspicious Closets: Gay Marriage, the Preverse Implantation, and Suspect Classification NX00.5 .B524 2005
Blair, Courtney Dr. Jon Moore Avifauna in a Suburban Environment NX00.5 .B5255 2007
Blubaugh, Carmen Dr. Jon Moore An Introduction to the Abacoa Greenway NX00.5 .B58 2006
Botta, Gabriela Yanina Dr. Paul Kirchman Copper Supplementation Extends Yeast Life Span Under Conditions Requiring Respiratory Metabolism NX00.5 .B688 2005
Bourget, Sarah Dr. Rachel Corr Hot-Cold Medicine Revisited: Another Look at the Debate Over its Origin NX00.5 .B68 2005
Boutte, Danielle L. Dr. Julie Earles Own-Age Bias and Memory for Events NX00.5 .B689 2008
Boyer, Heather J. Dr. Wairimu Njambi & Dr. Martin Sweet Hillary Rodham Clinton: Feminism, Success, and the First Ladyship NX00.5 .B69 2006
Boyle, Austin Dr. Travis Lybbert How Regulation Fuels Consumption of Ethanol: A Spatial Aanalysis of Pro-Ethanol Policies in the USA NX00.5 .B695 2006
Braun, Rachel Dr. Timothy Steigenga Silvio Berlusconi and Italian Democracy: Challenge and Consolidation NX00.5 .B723 2005
Brentnall, Matthew Ross Dr. Paul Kirchman Effects of Mitochondrial Uncoupling on Life Span and Gene Expression of Saccaromyces Cervisiae NX00.5 .B745 2006
Bright, Justin Dr. Laura Vernon You Should be Ashamed of Yourself: A Study of Moral Development and Moral Emotion NX00.5 .B725 2008
Brittain, Amber Dr.Paul Kirchman Development of a Protocol to Analyze Sod Mutants NX00.5 .B7577 2008
Broming, Lenore Dr. Kevin Lanning Social and Biological Explanations in the History of Psychology: Reevaluating Phineas Gage NX00.5 .B726 2006
Brown, Erin Dr. Michael Harrawood & Dr. Hilary Edwards A Revisionist Interpretation of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew NX00.5 .B748 2005
Browne, Latoya Dr. Mark Tunick Nature V. Convention: Examining Crime and Punishment from the Surreal Perspective of Luis Bunuel NX00.5 .B728 2004
Bunting, Kristen Dr. Patricia Liehr & Dr. James Wetterer Sentiments of Pearl Harbor Survivors Toward the Japanese 65 Years After the Event NX00.5 .B858 2007
Burkhart, Brian Dr. James Wetterer Bioprospecting for Useful Chemicals Produced by the Pyramid Ant, Dorymyrmex Bureni NX00.5 .B875
Busch, Trinity Dr. Christopher B. Strain Voices of Katrina NX00.5 .B88 2006
Butyn, Amber Dr. Nicholas Quintyne Investigation of Talin Head-Tail Interaction NX00.5 .B89 2009
Cable, Morgan L. Dr. Adrian Ponce & Rakesh Mogul Developing a Lanthanide Luminescence-Based Method for Detecting Bacterial Spores in Extreme Environments NX00.5 .C324 2005
Callender, Sarah Dr. Christopher Ely Attempts to Avoid an Incomprehensible Disease: The Black Death's Impact on Public Health Measures NX00.5 .C345 2004
Campos, Rebeca Dr. Keith Jakee The Private Provision of Public Goods in the United States' Voluntary Carbon Market NX00.5 .C356 2008
Canache, Anya Dr. Timothy Steigenga The Maya in Jupiter, Florida : Remittances and Immigrant Perceptions of Change in the Home Community NX00.5 .C35 2003
Canache, Christian Dr. Jon Moore Fishes of the New England Seamounts NX00.5 .C3523 2007
Cannon, Elizabeth A. Dr. Hilary Edwards The "Impassable Gulf": Representing Relationships Between Eastern and Western Characters in Thomas de Quincey's Confessions of an English Opium Eater NX00.5 .C357 2006
Cannon, Michelle Dr. Hilary Edwards The Painful State of Pleasure in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre NX00.5 .C3566 2008
Caplan, Stacee Dr. Eugene Smith Biological Electron Transfer: An Investigation of Riboflavin NX00.5 .C373 2008
Capp, James R. Dr. Laura Barrett Telling the Truth: Creative Non-Fiction in Capote's In Cold Blood & Mailer's The Executioner's Song NX00.5 .C376 2008
Carney, Jeanette Dr. Christopher Ely The Cities, Crowds, and Masks of James Ensor: A Critique of Urbanization and Modern City Space NX00.5 .C3765 2007
Carter, Angela Dr. Kevin Lanning On Social Connectedness: The Effects of Group and Film on Positive Affect and Self Esteem NX00.5 .C375 2007
Carter, Christi Dr. Wairimu Njambi Comparing Sex and Slavery: Reexamining Monique Wittig's Call to Overthrow the Political Regime of Heterosexuality NX00.5 .C377 2004
Case, Timothy Dr. Wairimu Njambi & Dr. William O' Brian The Commodification and Militarization of American Public Space: From a Genealogy of the Public to a Politics of Place NX00.5 .C384 2006
Caskey, John Dr. Nicholas Quintyne The Effects of Numa in Multipolar Spindle Formation in Cancerous Cells NX00.5 .C3845 2008
Chamberlain, Rachel Dr. Rachel Corr Moving Beyond Cultural Relativism? The Implications of Transcending the Culture Concept in Anthropology NX00.5 .C52 2005
Chaney, Sarah B. Dr. Rakesh Mogul & Dr. Jon Moore Bioassay-guided Purification of a Biologically Active Compound from a Deep-Water Marine Sponge Spongosorites SP. NX00.5 .C54 2004
Chapman, John C. Dr. Keith Jackee Does Zoning Affect Housing Prices? NX00.5 .C5212 2009
Charles, Fernanda Dr. Nicholas Quintyne Functionality of the p150 Glued Subunit of Dynactin in Driving Effecient Cellular Motility NX00.5 .C522 2008
Chase, Kristen Dr. Matin Sweet Old Enough to Kill: Too Youn to Die? Evaluating Public Opinion of the Juvenile Death Penalty NX00.5 .C5215 2009
Chong, Samantha Dr. Eugene Smith Determination of the Acid Dissociation Constant of Cytochrome B 5 Reductase NX00.5 .C56 2008
Clanton, Steven Dr. Ryan Karr Real Composition Algebras NX00.5 .C525 2009
Coldren, Glenn Dr. William O' Brian Influences of Mosquito Control Impoundments on Rhizophora mangle Intial Propagule Establishment and Growth NX00.5 .C6547 2007
Collins, Matt Dr. Rachel Corr Desperate Measures: The Bolivian Cocaine Production Boom and the Power of Indigenous Cocacultura NX00.5 .C655 2007
Coltea, Noemi Dr. Travis Lybbert Good Morning America: The Role of Television Advertisement in Today's Modern Political Campaign NX00.5 .C63 2005
Colucci, Joseph Dr. Kevin Lanning Ego Development and September 11th: The Effects of Tragedy and Terror on Personality Development NX00.5 .C65 2003
Copeland, Kimberly Dr. Hilary Edwards The Celebration of Uncertainty through Gothic Moments in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights NX00.5 .C66 2009
Correa, Satu Dr. Mark Tunick Electronic Privacy in the Workplace: A Proposal to Protect Employees' Rights NX00.5 .S388 2005
Corsaro, Andrew Dr. James Wetterer Intraspecific Aggression in the Longhorn Crazy Ant (Paratrechina Longicornis) NX00.5 .C677 2007
Cosden, Jessica Dr. Christopher Strain Arab Muslim Stereotypes in American News and Film NX00.5 .C68 2006
Crawford, Stacy Dr. Paul Kirchman Telomerase Localization to the Mitochondria in Yeast May Induce Mitochondrial DNA Mutations NX00.5 .C72 2005
Cruikshank, Kathryn H. Dr. Michael Harrawood "Merely to Officiate Light": The Subordination and Glorification of God the Son in Paradise Lost NX00.5 .C78 2009
Currie, Caitlan Dr. Martin Sweet Identity Politics and the University: The Hispanic Literature Example NX00.5 .C8775 2008
Currie, Caitlin Dr. Miguel Angel Vazquez La Politica de la Identidad y la Universidad: El Ejemplo de la Literatura Hispanica NX00.5 .C8776 2008
Curry, Mila Dr Kevin Lanning Personality and the News: The Five-Factor Model and Headline Preferences NX00.5 .C877 2008
D'Arrigo, Amanda Noelle Dr. Michael Harrawood Religious Faith Within the Scientific Revolution: A Struggle throughout Baconian Literature NX00.5 .D27 2009
Decicco, Alicia Dr. Paul Kirchman & Dr. Patricia Liehr Real Time Measurement of Words, Blood Pressure, and Feelings in Everyday College LifeNX00.5 .D435 2007
Deeter, Susan Dr. Luanne McNulty The Interactions between Boronic Acids and Diols: The Relationship between pKa, pH, and Binding Constants NX00.5 .D44 2003
DeFranco, Morgan Prof. Amy Broderick and Dr. Dan White E-Raced: The Shift from the Maker to the Made NX00.5 .D445 2003
Degani, Michael Dr. Daniel White & Dr. Rachel Corr Ritual for Revolution: Anarcho-Primitivism and Globalization NX00.5 .D452 2005
Del Signore, Vincent Dr. Jon Moore The Effects of Reduction Mowing on Gopher Tortoises (Gopherus Polyphemus) NX00.5 .D4585 2007
Demond, Shannon Dr. Eugene Smith Reduction Potential of Fad Determined by Spectroelectrochemistry Using Factor Analysis NX00.5 .D456 2005
Dominguez, Karla Gabriela Dr. Timothy Steigenga Out of the Country or Out of Society: Immigration Policy in the United States and Spain NX00.5 .D654 2005
Donovan, Andrew Dr. Mark Rupright Spectral Decomposition of Grid Data NX00.5 .D66 2005
Downs, Julie Dr. Timothy Steigenga Interest Representation and Congressional Voting Behavior: The Role of Campaign Contributions NX00.5 .D68 2002
Dunlap, Tameka Dr. Christopher Strain Wallace Thurman's The Blacker the Berry . . . and Colorism in the African-American Community NX00.5 .D85 2003
Edelson, Kari Dr. Paul Kirchman The Effects of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations and Membrane Potential Uncoupling on the Metabolic Activity of Yeast NX00.5 .E44 2005
Epps, Rebecka R. Dr. Marc Hill Your Teacher Was Right: You Can't Get an A if You Don't Show up to Class and Do your Homework NX00.5 .E778 2008
Evans, Rachel Dr. Kevin Lanning Ego Development, Guilt and Hypocrisy: An Online Study of Personality NX00.5 .E792 2007
Ewen, Stephen Dr. Timothy Steigenga Exogenous Development vs. Endogenous Development in Haiti NX00.5 .E84 2003
Fairbrother, Sara Dr. Mark Tunick Rethinking Capital Punishment in the Post-Furman Era NX00.5 .F357 2004
Fannin, Sarah Dr. William O'Brien Toward Climate Neutrality: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Florida Atlantic University, 2005-2007 NX00.5 .F3544 2008
Fedoryshyn, Yuliy Dr. Martin Kenneally & Dr. Keith Jakee Simple Migration Characteristics Model of Population 65 Years Old and Over in t he United States: 1995-2000 NX00.5 .F446 2007
Fitzgerald, Jenna Dr. Michael Harrawood The Gentle Gender?: Shakespeare's Tamora and Lady Macbeth as Models of Revenge NX00.5 .F5794 2008
Fletcher, Paul Dr. Christopher Ely Urban Space and the Birth of Punk NX00.5 .F54 2006
Forde, Dwight Dr. Kevin Lanning Relationship between Personality and Child Rearing using the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP-NEO) and the Child NX00.5 .F67 2003
Fow, Samantha Joule Dr. Keith Jakee The Political Economy of Domestic Corn Ethanol Production NX00.5 .F68 2008
Franz, Stephanie Dr. Kevin Lanning Watching a Life Over Time: The Effects of Viewing a Videotaped Longitudinal Portrayal on Cultural Worlviews NX00.5 .F725 2007
Fulton, Edward Dr. Nicholas Quintyne Dynactin is a Processivity Factor for Dynein in vivo NX00.5 .F85 2009
Gagaoudakis, Manolitsa Andrea Dr. Jon Moore Seaing Science: Marine Science Education Resources NX00.5 .G34 2006
Garrido, Katharine Dr. Jon Moore Observations of Immature Sea Turtles at a Nearshore Hardbottom Development Habitat in Palm Beach, Florida NX00.5 .G377 2007
Gaston, Tiffany Dr. Susan Richardson Diatoms as a Food Source for Sorites Dominicensis NX00.5 .G387 2008
Geiser, Jennifer Dr. Mwangiwa Githinji & Dr. Mark Tunick The Economic Efficiency of the Sherman Antitrust Act NX00.5 .G45 2002
Gingerich, Randi Lynne Dr. Laura Barrett The Evolution of Beauty in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon,Tar Baby, and Jazz NX00.5 .G55 2007
Gjyshi, Rigers Dr. Timothy Steigenga Can Albania Become Democratic? Transitional Considerations Based on Samuel Huntington's The Third Wave NX00.5 .G59 2005
Glatthorn, Kathryn Lynn Dr. Kevin Lanning An Analysis of Evolutionary, Feminist, and Multifactor Theories of Rape NX00.5 .G592 2006
Goethel, Carrie Ann Dr. Jon Moore Effects of Prescribed Burning on Native and Exotic Herpetofauna in Florida Pine Flatwoods in Savannas Preserve State Park NX00.5 .G648 2007
Goldberg, Jenna Dr. James Wetterer Guanine and Cytosine Levels in the Genomes of Extremophilic and Non-Extremophilic Organisms NX00.5 .G654 2006
Goldberg-Foss, Mark Dr. Christopher Ely "They Forget I am an Irishman": James Connolly, Socialist Internationalism, and Irish Nationalism, 1896-1916 NX00.5 .G663 2008
Gonzalez, Michael Dr. Mark Tunick Assessing the Legislation of Morality: Legal Moralism, The Harm Principle, and the Case of Goodridge v. Department of Public Health NX00.5 .G659 2004
Gopman, Daniel B. Dr. Marc Hill Size Distribution of PAA-Coated Magnetite Nanoparticles NX00.5 .G665 2008
Gopman, Daniel B. Dr. Christopher Ely Transcendental Minds and Mythical Strings: The Emergence of Platonism in Modern Physics NX00.5 .G666 2008
Graepel, Dana Dr. Julie Earles and Dr. Laura Vernon Event Memory as a Function of Age and Emotional Valence NX00.5 .G72 2009
Grant, Jensen Michael Dr. Timothy Steigenga Touched by the Holy Spirit: The Pentacostalization of Venezuela and the 1998 Presidential Election NX00.5 .G725 2006
Guillaume, Rachel Dr. Paul Kirchman Using Yeast as a Model of Diabetes: Testing the Effects of Glyoxalase Mutants NX00.5 .G855 2007
Haji, Malik Dr. James Wetterer House Ants of Karachi, Pakistan NX00.5 .H354 2008
Hall, Brooke Renee Dr. Michael Harrawood (B)rave New World: A Synthesized Generation NX00.5 .H355 2004
Hall, Maria Dr. Hillary Edwards The Search for Order in the Face of Impermanence: Movement and Meaning in Woolf NX00.5 .H3557 2007
Harraway, Alicia Ikida Dr. Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín Sueños y Memoria: La Masacre Haitiana de 1937 en la Republica Dominicana y Su Representación en Dos Textos/Dream and Memory: Representation of the 1937 Haitian Massacre in the Dominican Republic in Two Texts NX00.5 .H377 2004
Harris, Chris Dr. Jon Moore Assessment of Multiple Paternity for th Queen Conch Strombus Gigas NX00.5 .H37715 2008
Harris, Jamie A. Dr. Terje Hoim Regression Analysis of a Small Business to Determine Optimal Advertising Media NX00.5 .H3772 2007
Haynes, Sheaniva Dr. Timothy Steigenga The Constitutionality of President George W. Bush's Military Commissions NX00.5 .H385 2003
Hernandez, Patricia Dr. Hilary Edwards "The Voice of Society": Dickens' Surprising Lesson in Diplomacy Spoken by the "Innocent" Table in Our Mutual Friend NX00.5 .H4752 2007
Hicken, Walker Dr. Christopher Strain Better Angels: Lincoln's Use of Religious Imagery as an Attempt to Preserve the Union NX00.5 .H52 2006
Hoffman, Meghan Dr. Jon Moore Development's Impact on Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches Along Florida's Atlantic Coast: The Effects of Artificial Lighting, Beach Renourishment and Beach Armoring NX00.5 .H644 2005
Holm, Jennifer Dr. Kevin Lanning Is There Really a Sunk Cost Effect? A Test of the Sunk Cost, Project Completion and Mental Accounting Decision-Making Models NX00.5 .H65 2002
Hoogkamp, Amanda Dr. Timothy Steigenga Analyzing the Growth of Protestantism: A Case study of Mexico NX00.5 .H66 2009
Hopson, Christine Dr. Christopher Ely Fall From Grace: The rise of Secularism and the 1773 Suppression of the Society of Jesus NX00.5 .H678 2007
Hosein, Khadil Dr. Paul A. Kirchman Drosophilia melanogasteras a Genetic Model NX001.5 .H684 2008
Howze, Sarah Dr. Laura Barrett Spontaneous Bop Prosodies and The Prodigies of a Postmodern Aesthetic: the convergent stylings of Beat Poetry and Bebop Jazz NX00.5 .H688 2004
Hoy, Patrick Dr. James Wetterer Island Biogeography in the Florida Keys: An Experiment Revisited NX00.5 .H69 2004
Huberdeau, Yulia Dr. Timothy Steigenga Free Trade and Immigration from Mexico: Experience from the North American Free Trade Agreement NX00.5 .H82 2006
Huzarska, Malwina Dr. Malcom Leissring & Dr. Eugene Smith New Highly-Potent Inhibitors of Insulin-Degrading Enzyme (IDE) NX00.5 .H892 2007
Hydrick, Ashley Dr. Nicholas Quintyne Overexpression of Dynactin's Microtubule Binding Domains to Determine Their Function NX00.5 .H947 2008
Iglesias, Adam Dr. Julie Earles Effect of Native Language on Event Perception NX00.5 .I55 2003
Jameson, Meghan R. Dr. Jon Moore Niche Adjustment of the Brown Anoles After Introduction of the Curlytail Lizard NX00.5 .J3547 2007
Jean - Vertus, Walter Dr. Eugene Smith The Analysis of Gold in Seawater using Ion Exchange Chromatography and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy NX00.5 .J422 2007
Jerome, Elizabeth Dr. A. Donny Strosberg & Dr. Paul Kirchman Studies of Homodimerization in the Core Protein of Hepatitis C Virus NX00.5 .J465 2007
Jessie, Shannon Dr. Eugene Belogay Population Dynamics Beyond Classic Lotka-Volterra Models NX00.5 .J47 2004
Kane, Samantha Dr. Julie Earles Familial influences on the development of empathy in preschool children: The effects of parental depression and expressiveness within the family NX00.5 .K354 2004
Karlin, Melissa Dr. Jon Moore Home Ranges and Movement of Gopher Tortoises, Gopherus polyphemus, in South Florida NX00.5 .K37 2002
Kassel, Gabriel Dr. Kanybeck Nur-tegin Community Supported Agriculture: Applying Valuation, Willingness-To-Pay, and Cost Analysis to Ensure Financial Viability NX00.5 .K388 2008
Keif, Echo Marie Dr. Keith Jakee & Dr. Terje Hoim Logrolling in the Supreme Court NX00.5 .K454 2008
Keith, Jessica Dr. Paul Kirchman Effects of mtDNA Mutations on Growth Rates in Saccharomyces cerevisiae NX00.5 .K45 2003
Kennedy, Amanda Dr. Wairimu  Njambi Postcolonial Feminist Body Studies: The Case of Female Genital Practices NX00.5 .K466 2007
Keough, Joseph Dr. Michael Harrawood The Arts of Incident: Fiction and Reality in Delany's Dhalgren NX00.5 .K468 2003
Kerr, Michael Dr. Mark Tunick Everybody Is a Student of Music NX00.5 .K477 2004
Kiberenge, Roy Kagumba Dr. Paul Kirchman PCR-Mediated Disruption of the SOD1 Gene to Study the Effects of Cytochrome C Oxidase in Copper-Dependent Lifespan Extension NX00.5 .K52 2006
Kidwell, Erin Dr. Paul Kirchman Resuscitation of "Viable but Non-Culturable" Escherichia Coli from Seawater NX00.5 .K539 2005
Kilevskaya, Elina Dr. Paul Kirchman Analysis of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Mutants NX00.5 .K5398 2007
Kingsland, Kimber Dr. Jon Moore Assemblage Dynamics of Exotic Herpetofauna on Jupiter Campus of Florida Atlantic University NX00.5 .K5395 2007
Kirk, LauraLynn Dr. Jacqueline Fewkes Collective Memory of Japanese Naming Rituals Through the Incorporation of Anime and Manga NX00.5 .K5399 2008
Klaas, Kathryn Dr. Timothy Steigenga Help or Hype? The Role of Internet Marketing in Rural Development Strategies NX00.5 .K542 2009
Klco, Sara Elizabeth Dr. Laura Vernon Finding the Silver Lining: A Longitudinal Examination of the Effects of Reappraisal Use on Mental and Physical Health NX00.5 .K528 2008
Klein, Elissa E. Dr. Julie Earles Context Clues and Binding Errors NX00.5 .K54 2004
Koemm, Lynda Dr. Melissa Sprenkle Feminist Approaches to Rhetoric and Language NX00.5 .K64 2002
Kogon, Selena Marie Dr. Rachel Corr & Dr. Mark Tunick Should There be a Cultural Defense? NX00.5 .K656 2007
Komara, Alexis Dr. Laura Barrett Man and Nature: Reading Steinbeck through a Transcendental Lens NX00.5 .K652 2003
Kopp, Holly Dr. William O'Brien and Dr. Jon Moore Seasonal Changes and Economic Valuation of Roadkill in Oleta RIver State Park, North Miami, Florida NX00.5 K666 2004
Krupski, Maureen P. Dr. Laura Barrett Media Voyeurs in Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita NX005 .K787 2007
Lalonde, Maureen Dr. Paul Kirchman Construction of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain for Use as a Tool to Analyze Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Mutants NX00.5 .L356 2003
Lane, Jason C. Dr. Julie Earles Age Differences in Event Memory NX00.5 .L374 2004
Lazo de la Vega, Sandra Dr. Timothy Steigenga and Dr. Rachel Corr The Activism of the Catholic Chuch on Immigrant's Rights in the United States: Testing the Religious Economy Model NX00.5 .L39 2009
Leacock, Ashley Dr. William O' Brien The Status of the Downy Rose Myrtle (Rhodomyrtus Tomentosa) in Florida NX00.5 .L422 2006
Leech, Anna Dr. James Wetterer Flase Crawls By Loggerhead Sea Turtles in Palm Beach County, Florida NX00.5 .L442 2008
Leech, Peter Dr. Mark Tunick Free Will, Determinism, and Responsibility NX00.5 .L44 2003
Leeper, Alicia Dr. Kevin Lanning Effects of Personality and Item Content on Decision Making: A Prospect Theory Analysis NX00.5 .L446 2009
Leflem, Michael Dr. Christopher Ely Noa Noa: Challenging Western Perceptions of Nature NX00.5 .L445 2006
Legg, Ashley Dr. William Roush and Dr. Eugene Smith Selective Protection of (E)-1,5-anti-Diols and (Z)-1,5-syn-Diols as Allylic Triethylsilyl Ethers NX00.5 .L444 2008
Leisinger, John Dr. Timothy Steigenga Analysis of Regime Survivability in Saudi Arabia and Egupt NX00.5 .L457 2007
Leuchtmann, Amy Dr. James Wetterer The Current State and Future Concerns for Coral Reef Systems Off the Coast of Florida NX00.5 .L48 2004
Lewis, Kathryn Nicole Dr. Mark Tunick Double Take: Looking Beyond the First Glance at Bush V. Gore and the Fourteenth Amendment NX00.5 .L485 2004
Louis, Pierre A. Dr. Timothy Steigenga Pentacostalism, Development and Democracy in Latin America NX00.5 .L65 2007
Lowden, Kendelyn Rachelle Dr. Laura Vernon Emotional Responses to Animal Characteristics NX00.5 .L68 2009
Lucas, Stephanie N. Dr. Jon Moore Status of the Imperiled Gull-Billed Tern in Florida NX00.5 .L823 2008
Luffman, Christina Dr. Nicholas Quintyne The Manipulation of a Normal Cell Line to Produce a Cancer-Like Mitotic Phenotype NX00.5 .L84 2009
Lynch, Laura Dr. Stephanie Fitchett Factorability in the Ring... NX00.5 .L942 2004
Lynch, Laura Dr. Mark Rupright Numerical Integration of Linear and Nonlinear Wave Equations NX00.5 .L943 2004
Magdaleno, Ariana Heydi Dr. Mary Ann Gosser Esquilin La Identidad Sexual, Social Y Racial de las Mujeres en la Literatura Caribena NX00.5 .M25 2005
Malencia, Kayley Dr. Paul Kirchman Inducible Expression of Yeast manganese superoxide dismutase in E. coli NX00.5 .M354 2004
Mallen, Michael Luis Dr. Nicholas Quintyne Differential Functionality of Microtubule Binding Motifs in the p150 Subunit of Dynactin NX00.5 .M3554 2007
Mancuso, Christine Dr. Rachel Corr Female Members of the Concrete Block Society NX00.5 .M263 2004
Mandina, Maria Laura Dr. Jon Moore Are Negative Breeding Traits in Andalusian Horses Correlated with Coat Color and Carthusian Ancestry? NX00.5 .M3587 2008
Manzie, Mandi Dr. Jon Moore Species and Economic Analysis of Wildlife Roadkills at Ft. Pierce State Park and Avalon State Park NX00.5 .M359 2004
Marshall, Erin Dr. Laura Vernon Factors Influencing Reported Vicarious Embarrassment NX00.5 .M376 2009
Marti, Diana Dr. William O'Brien Politics and Public Perceptions of Prescribed Fires in Scenescent Scrub Habitat for Endangered Species Management NX00.5 .M378 2004
Martin, Ricardo Dr Paul Kirchman Construction of Mitochondrion-Targeted Telomerase for Analysis in Saccharmyces Cerevisiae NX00.5 .M3782 2009
Martinez, Wendy K. Dr. Timothy Steigenga A Step Toward Democracy: The Case of the Nicaraguan Revolution NX00.5 .M379 2006
Mas, Beverly Berlin Dr. Julie Earles Anxiety's Effect on Recall: How Time Pressure and Age Affect Memory NX00.5 .M37 2002
Mathews, Sunil Dr. Martin Sweet and Dr. Kanybek Nur-tegin Gun Control in Florida: An Analysis of the Right to Carry Law of 1987 NX00.5 .M385 2009
Mayes, Mario Dr. Paul Kirchman Nuclear Suppression of Mitochondrial Defects in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NX00.5 .M39 2009
McCaffrey, Kevin Dr. Paul Kirchman Genetic Alterations of Superoxide Dismutase in Order to Increase Longevity in Yeast Cells NX00.5 .M325 2008
McClelland, Savannah Dr. Hilary Edwards "He is Dead,": An Analysis of Sacrifice and Modern Rites of Passage in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway NX00.5 .M3354 2008
McCurdy, Paul Dr. James Wetterer Declining Coral Health and Fish Diversity in the South Pacific NX00.5 .M328 2007
McCurdy, Robert E. Dr. James Wetterer Bioprospecting for Useful Compounds in the Venom of Crematogaster Ants NX00.5 .M329 2007
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Vyas, Angie S. Dr. Mark Tunick The Cultural Defense as a Partial Excuse NX00.5 .V92 2007
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Zeichman, Thomas Dr. Martin Sweet News and Drugs: The Media's Impact on the FDA NX00.5 .Z45 2009
Zwick, Jordan Dr. Keith Jakee Formula One Racing: Races are Increasing Prosperity for the Local Cities' Economy NX00.5 .Z85 2007

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