Ethan J. Allen Jr.
Director, John D. MacArthur Campus Library
Florida Atlantic University Libraries

Professional Experience


Van Treese, J., Koeser, A., Fitzpatrick, G. Olexa, M. & Allen, E. (2017).  A review of the impact of roadway vegetation on driver's health and well-being  and
       the risks associated with single-vehicle crashes.  Arboricultural Journal: The International Journal of Urban Forestry, 39(3), 179-193.

Weber, R. & Allen, E. (2016).  Doctoral dissertation topics in education: Do they align with critical issues?  International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 11, 403-417.
      Retrieved from http://www.informingscience.org/Publications/3609

Allen, E. & Weber, R. (2015).  An exploration of indexed and non-indexed open access journals: Identifying metadata coding variations.  Journal of Web
Allen, E. & Weber, R. (2014).  The library and the web: Graduate students' selection of open access journals for empirical literature searches.   Journal of Web
     Librarianship, 8(3), 243-262. doi:10.1080/19322909.2014.927745    

Weber, R. & Allen, E. (2014).  Student-selected journals: An emerging resource.  portal: Libraries and the Academy, 14(1), 5-22.  doi:10.1353/pla.2013.0043

Allen, E. & Weber, R. (2012). Graduate student searching proficiencies in the selection of qualitative and quantitative journal
     references.  Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(3), 130-134. doi: 10.1016/j.acalib.2012.02.007

Allen, E.  (2006).  Ranganathan's third law and collection access at Norcia: an assessment. Journal of Access Services, 4 (3/4),
     57- 69.

Allen, E. &  Wolf, M.  (2005).  To each monk his book: Providing access through collection organization at Norcia's new library.  Journal  
     of Access Services
, 3 (1), 1-16.

Quinn, A. & Allen, E.  (2000).  Revisiting THY 550: How one seminary library mediates research methodology.  Catholic Library World,
     70 (4), 229-232.




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