Survey Says! Results from Student Satisfaction Survey
The results of the 2018 FAU Libraries Student Satisfaction Survey are in, gathering input from more than 1100 students across the University.

Distributed university-wide for a three-week period, the survey provides insight into student satisfaction with the FAU Libraries’ facilities, services, and resources. The Libraries have begun to review the responses to develop a deeper understanding of the student experience and identify areas needing change and improvement. “We are grateful to all students who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences about the FAU Libraries, as well as their ideas on how we can better meet their needs and ensure their success at FAU”, said Carol Hixson, Dean of University Libraries.

According to the survey, a vast majority of the students visit the FAU Libraries at least weekly.

Other Key Findings:
  • 80% of students say the FAU Libraries contribute moderately or greatly to their academic success
  • Students spend just as much time studying at the library as they do at home
  • The most used resources by students are the library computers, study rooms, electronic materials and print collections
  • Over 30% of students requested more study areas, white boards, comfortable chairs, and better access to power. The least favorite space in the Wimberly Library is the fourth floor
  • Students expressed a desire for more up-to-date computers and software
  • 44% of students spend more than $300 per semester on textbooks and other course materials
While it will take time to review and analyze the data thoroughly, the FAU Libraries are committed to the students and their success at FAU and have already begun to use survey data to modify policies, provide new services, and advocate with the University for more funds.

Based on our preliminary analysis, we are already taking the following actions:

  • We have started a summer project to renovate the fourth floor study area in the Wimberly Library to provide a brighter, more comfortable quiet study space
  • We are converting six staff offices in Wimberly to group study rooms over the summer
  • We are looking to provide a few single-person study rooms for checkout around Wimberly
  • We have ordered ten more white boards for Wimberly to increase access to this popular resource
  • We are updating the computers in the Alumni Alcove of the Wimberly Library
  • We have entered into a partnership the Colleges and the Center for eLearning to develop and provide access to more free or low-cost course materials for students
  • We will be launching a student advisory committee to help us review options for additional action items
We are committed to developing library services and spaces that will ensure our students’ success. Following up on these survey results, as far as our resources allow, is the best way we can demonstrate that we are listening and that the students are our top priority,” said Hixson.

Stay tuned and check out the Libraries’ website and social media over the summer to get updates on our efforts to improve every FAU student’s experience.