Preserving the movement led by MSD students

We are witnessing an important event as a result of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. In this moment, Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors are making their voices heard through civic engagement by raising a national discussion on gun safety and legislation. These brave students are an inspiration to us all, and have encouraged other students to join them in their protest of gun legislation and school shootings.

We at the FAU Libraries stand in solidarity with the students and families affected by this tragedy. Many FAU students, staff, and faculty call Parkland home, and many of our alumni attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas. We would like to capture this historic movement in the hope that this history can be preserved for the future.

If anyone is interested in donating their materials to us, please contact Vicky Thur, Head of Special Collections, at or 561-297-3787.

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