Print Music in Progress
The library receives music gifts, sorts formats, reviews and evaluates content, enters data, stores holdings, and adds descriptions to webpages to increase public awareness of our collection.

To donate your print music, contact staff.      To view list of print music donors, click here.
  • Receive Gifts and Sort


    The Print Music Collection continues to grow as generous patrons around the country donate their personal collections to FAU Libraries. Retired composers, cantors, performers, scholars, and music lovers entrust us with their print music and manuscripts. Other libraries also donate materials, particularly Jewish music (sacred and secular) because of our extensive holdings and expertise in the subject. We receive the donations, which we organize and sort into different formats, such as books, sheet music, and papers.

    Recieve & Sort
  • Evaluate


    We review music donations and evaluate them for quality and scarcity, compare them to our existing collections, and determine their value to performers and researchers. Using the same criteria, we also evaluate unprocessed music already in our holdings

  • Data Entry & Web Presence


    We maintain an electronic inventory of the print music by creating databases and finding aids, and we update information and content on the library webpages.

    Data Entry & Web Presence
  • Preservation & Storage


    Music is foldered and placed in archival boxes for easy access and preservation.

    Preservation & Storage
  • On the Shelf


    Finally, the music is reorganized, boxed, labeled, and stored on the shelf
    in Special Collections.

    On the Shelf

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