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The unit of Music Performance & Education within FAU Libraries Department of Special Collections presents workshops and lectures about its work with the Print Music Collection. Director of Music Performance and Education, Aaron Kula, performs concerts and collaborate with local musicians, educators, librarians, and artists to create multicultural, interdisciplinary programming for people of all ages.
  • KCO and guest vocalist Lisanne Lyons perform music from the
    Harlem Renaissance.


  • Children's author Heidi Smith Hyde signs books at FAU Libraries' annual Kultur Festival.

    images/outreach/2-Klez4Kidz author signing.JPG

  • KCO violinist Randi Fishenfeld demonstrates her technique at Klez4Kidz.


  • KCO trumpeter Chaim Rubinov demonstrates a variety of sounds at Klez4Kidz.


  • Children dance at Klez4Kidz, a multimedia book presentation
    with live music.


  • Aaron Kula talks to children about the accordion.


  • A panel of guest cantors discusses the art of cantorial improvisation during the Kultur Festival.


  • The 26-piece Klezmer Company Orchestra performs its annual March concert of Jewish world music at FAU.

    images/outreach/8-March Stage.JPG

  • An audience of 2,400 enjoys Klezmerology, a KCO concert in the Carole and Barry Kaye Performing Arts Auditorium at FAU's Boca Raton campus.

    images/outreach/9-March Audience.JPG

  • KCO core musicians in concert.

    images/outreach/10-March Core.JPG

  • Maestro Aaron Kula and KCO perform with guest vocalist Daniel Cochran.

    images/outreach/11-March Guest Vocalist.JPG

  • KCO performs "JewOrleans March" with a local high school band.

    images/outreach/12-March High School.jpg

  • The 60-piece Klezmer Company Orchestra performs its annual Spirit of America concert, celebrating the Marvin and Sybil Weiner Spirit of America Collection at FAU Libraries.


  • Aaron Kula (right) holds awards for "Best Klezmer Album" and "Best Klezmer Song" for 2009 from Just Plain Folks, the world's largest independent music organization. KCO received the awards for its first studio album Beyond the Tribes.

    images/outreach/14-Just Plain Folks.JPG

  • KCO in the recording studio.

    images/outreach/15-Studio Recording.jpg

Kultur Festival Annual Concert Spirit of America Annual Concert

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