Did you know you can book a fascinating one-hour artists' books presentation at FAU Libraries' Jaffe Center for Book Arts? And did you know that summer is the very best time of year to do so? Parking is a breeze while the vast majority of our university students are off on summer adventures. That makes JCBA a perfect summer adventure for you and your book club, art club, social group... gather anywhere from 8 to 24 people and we'd love to show you what JCBA is all about. You'll never look at books the same way again. Email JCBA Director John Cutrone (jcutrone@fau.edu) to learn more and schedule your visit!


Every Friday (unless we have to cancel for other virtual events)
2 to 5 PM Eastern
From Wherever You Are, via Zoom


Here is the link and password for our virtual Real Mail Fridays letter writing socials:

(And in case you need it, the Meeting ID is 825 9779 8220 and the passcode is Kh51f6.)

Dear Friends,

We've built such a wonderful global community since we began beaming Real Mail Fridays out to the world through our weekly online JCBA Zoom socials, and it is truly humbling and heartwarming to see friends join us each week and new folks, too, from all corners of this vast planet. In that spirit, we have no plans to end our weekly Zoom version of Real Mali Fridays.

Amy Richard's Gallery Talk

Papermaker Amy Richard offered a gallery talk via JCBA Zoom in April. The recording of her talk is available here and at JCBA's Vimeo Channel.