Join us from wherever you are for the premiere on Lady Day
Saturday March 25, 2023
7 PM Eastern Daylight Time
(video available anytime afterward, too)

featuring printer JENNIFER FARRELL of Starshaped Press
your host JOHN CUTRONE, Director of FAU Libraries' Jaffe Center for Book Arts

Our annual Bartlemas Wayzgoose (St. Bartholomew's Day, August 24, is the traditional date for a good old-fashioned printers' Wayzgoose) was delayed, as many of you know, in 2022. Our musical guest, Patty Larkin, had an accident last summer that scared all of us when a spinal cord injury left her paralyzed. But after months of treatment and hard work and recovery, we're so happy to report that Patty Larkin is back, and in good health, and now... it's full steam ahead for our Wayzgoose.

For our new Wayzgoose Premiere date, we've chosen an equally quirky date in the round of the year: Saturday March 25 is Lady Day, and for the occasion, we suggest making a batch of delicious steamy waffles to enjoy with this year's Wayzgoose. Watch the Wayzgoose to understand why: your host John Cutrone will explain all.

Real Mail Fridays: Lunar New Year Water Rabbit Social

Friday January 27
2 to 5 PM Eastern
From Wherever You Are, via Zoom

Chinese Lunar New Year began on the 22nd of January this year with a celebration that continues through Lantern Festival, 16 days later. Join us on Friday the 27th for a Real Mail Fridays worldwide social that celebrates the Year of the Water Rabbit through An Dun (music to calm the emotions) and Sheng Hua (music to invigorate the spirit). Wear red if you can, the traditional good luck color of Chinese Lunar New Year. Tune in via JCBA Zoom from 2 to 5 PM EST. Gather your writing supplies, brew yourself a pot of tea, come and go as you please whilst visiting with Real Mail pals old and new, near and far. Real Mail Fridays: three hours of quiet working time, set to a very Jaffe soundtrack, with a short break once or twice an hour to chat. Supremely heartwarming.

For this Lunar New Year Water Rabbit Social, we will offer a moment of silence and reflection in remembrance of those who died this past Saturday at the Lunar New Year celebration at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park, California. This will happen late in the 2:00 hour or early in the 3:00 hour, in place of our usual first chat break. We ask that you please join us in putting down your work and pausing all activity for a few moments.


bedtime stories for kids & sleepy adults

The Fifth of January brings Twelfth Night and the Sixth brings Epiphany: two events that mark the close of the Christmas Season as the Magi arrive at the stable with their gifts for the newborn child. In Italy, the story takes on another dimension, for there, legend has it that the Magi stopped at the home of an old woman called La Befana and invited her to join them on their journey. But she had too much housework to do, so she turned them down. When she changed her mind, it was too late. Still to this day, on each Eve of the Epiphany, la Befana sets out with her broom in search of the child, leaving presents for all the other sleeping children she visits as she searches for the newborn king.

For Episode No. 8 of our bedtime stories series, we invite you to Stay Awake with Marietta Falconieri as she reads her favorite version of the story: the one retold by Tomie de Paola in his book "The Legend of Old Befana." Reading the story –– and acting out the roles –– is a Little Christmas (that's another name for Epiphany) tradition in Marietta's family, and she welcomes us all into the fold as la Befana sweeps Christmas away for another year.