JCBA Workshops

Word Yoga
Instructor BK Loren

Virtual Writers' Workshop
Tuesday March 9, 2021
6 to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time
From wherever you are, via Zoom

Is your prose a little tight? Do your words find it hard to breathe on the page? Are your sentences out of balance? Loosening up, learning to breathe deeply, and finding the right balance will strengthen your prose. Plus, letting go of your egoistic controls will lend a new vitality to your work. So bring yourself (minus your ego) to this mindful two-hour class in which we will do exercise after exercise with no critiques in between. Go internal. Stop judging yourself and looking for approval from others. LISTEN to your words and stories. They will tell you what they are meant to be.


Advance registration is required for all JCBA workshops. For more details or to register, please email JCBA Director John Cutrone (


Our suggested tuition rate for this course is $50, but your tuition is Self Determined. Our goal is to make this workshop experience accessible. If your personal financial situation is difficult right now, pay what you can. If you can afford to pay more, we deeply appreciate that. Use our suggested tuition of $50 as your guide and go from there.


Tablet or computer with internet connection and your favorite writing tools: laptop, pen and paper, chalk and slate: it's up to you.


BK Loren is the award winning author of the novel Theft and the essay collection Animal, Mineral, Radical. Her short fiction and essays have garnered many national awards and have been published in The Best Spiritual Writing Anthologies (2004 and 2012), Parabola, Yoga International, Orion Magazine, and many others. She’s been a ranch hand, a cook for a gourmet catering service in NYC, and a cook in a cafe run by a reverend healer who cured people’s ailments with a pendulum and herbs. She was also an aide on a locked psych ward, a tenured college teacher, and a furniture builder. She was extremely grateful for the chance to go to college (not a given)––and she attended the University of Colorado (Classics/Philosophy), the University of New Mexico (Lit), and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop (Fiction). She feels that her varied experiences in other fields inform her writing as much as her schooling has. The publishing editor of her first book told her she wrote like she was raised by wolves. She tries to live up to that daily. Most recently, BK's nonfiction piece "Sir, May I Have a Pack of Marlboros" took First Prize in the 2020 Winning Writers Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction and Essay Contest.