Pasta Machine Printing
Instructor Bettina Pauly

Virtual Workshop
Two Tuesday Evenings: June 22 & 29, 2021
6 to 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time each session
From wherever you are, via Zoom.
(This workshop will be recorded, and video will be available to registered students for two weeks after the workshop)

Class limit: 14

Friday June 11 at 10 AM Eastern

Learn how to turn your pasta machine into a printing press in this two-session workshop! In Session One, students will see their pasta machine in a brand new light as instructor Bettina Pauly demonstrates various ways to create and pull prints off the pasta machine press. Between sessions students are asked to experiment at home and the second session is meant to trouble shoot printing issues, show off prints, and discuss how to incorporate these prints into your artists' books.

Session One will be informational, with demonstrations and Q&A. Have your pasta machine printing press ready to go for a dry run during this first session, so you'll get a feel for the process. Between sessions you'll experiment at home and come to the second session with questions; while you print in Session Two, we will trouble shoot any problems and discuss how the prints could be incorporated into your artists' books. And everyone will show off their prints in then, too, of course!


Advance registration is required for all JCBA workshops, and for this one, you must register by Friday June 11 at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time. To register, email JCBA Director John Cutrone (


This workshop has a set tuition fee of $100, which includes the cost of the materials kit and shipping. Our apologies: due to the prohibitive cost and current uncertainty in international shipping, we are restricting this workshop to participants with US mailing addresses only.


Session One:

• Tablet or computer with Internet connection
• Pen/Paper for notes
• Manual pasta maker, for example (link is external)

For Session Two, and printing between sesssions:

Relief printing ink (link is external)
Etching needle (link is external) or awl
Brayer (link is external)
• Scissors
• X-Acto knife with replacement blades, or snap-off blade knife
• Cleaned empty milk carton
• Cleaned empty tetra pak
• Scrap paper
• Slab for mixing ink: piece of plexiglas, or disposable palette, or wax paper taped to table

Bettina will mail you a kit, as well, containing the rest of the supplies. For this reason, registration for this workshop closes Friday June 11 at 10 AM Eastern.


Bettina Pauly is a San Francisco book artist and works as a letterpress printer with Kim Vanderheiden at Painted Tongue Studios in Oakland, California. She loves books and boxes both as physical objects and as containers of meaning. She is interested in a variety of folded, sewn, and woven structures in which she can incorporate her printing.