Book Arts 101: Hist Whist

Instructor John Cutrone

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There's a certain All Hallow's Eve magic to "Hist Whist" by poet e.e. cummings, and that's the spirit we're after in this Hallowe'en edition of Book Arts 101. What better time to look at some of the spookier items in the Jaffe Collection? What better time to visit our haunted print shop?

Through that Hist Whist magic we will transmogrify you into a book artist for the duration of this three and a half hour introductory immersion in the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. We’ll begin with a screening of a 25-minute video about JCBA and the amazing collection of artists' books that is at its core. We’ll follow this with an in-depth viewing of some of the artists’ books in the collection––books that will entertain, inspire, and astound. In celebration of Hallowe'en, we'll see what bizarre oddities we can dig up from the collection. Expect a good local ghost story or two, as well, from the instructor's cache of Convivio Dispatches from Lake Worth.

Afterwards, we’ll move on to the JCBA Letterpress Studio, where each participant will print a sheet of paper from wood type set by hand from our collection of historic types. These sheets will be the covers for the books we’ll make, a brief history of the book arts that we’ll bind by hand in the Single Signature Pamphlet stitch, a simple bookbinding technique that you can use again and again in your own book projects. You’ll go home with a book you made yourself––one that you can read as sleep calls later that night, as you reflect on the new outlook on books (and maybe even life) that you’ve found earlier that evening at JCBA. “For there is great joy in knowing how to do things.” All levels. No print experience necessary. Class limit: 18. 

John Cutrone


John Cutrone, a graduate of the MFA Program in the Book Arts at the University of Alabama, is Director of JCBA. He is also a partner in Lake Worth's Convivio Bookworks, a book arts studio specializing in limited edition letterpress printed books and broadsides. (www.conviviobookworks.com)

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