Through September 6, 2015

FAU's Wimberly Library:
    First Floor Lobby
    Jaffe Center for Book Arts Lobby & JCBA's Book Arts Gallery

    The colophon page is, for many book artists and book arts enthusiasts, the first page we turn to in a new book, even though it’s typically located at the end of the book. Not all books have colophons, but most all artists’ books and limited editions do.

    What is a colophon? It is the page where book artists explain how their books are made. It might include information on what types were used to print the book, what paper was used in the book’s production, and how the book was bound. It will most often tell us how many books were made in the edition. It will probably inform us of the personnel involved in the book’s production and it may even elaborate on what the weather conditions were like while the book was being made. In short, the colophon is the place where the book artist can step outside the narrative and tell us anything and everything about the book that we should know. Sometimes what we should know boils down to a simple sentence. Sometimes it requires much more than that. On occasion, it even requires a separate book.

    The books and broadsides gathered in this exhibition contain some of our favorite colophons discovered during the 15 year history of the Jaffe Collection, the heart of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University Libraries. Some are just as we expect them to be; some are way out there. Which makes the colophon a pretty good metaphor for the Jaffe Collection in general.

    The First Floor Lobby and JCBA Lobby portion of this exhibition is accessible in the public areas of the Wimberly Library. Regular library hours are Monday to Thursday 7:40 AM to 2 AM, Friday 7:40 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 10:30 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday noon to 2 AM. The portion of the exhibition installed inside the Jaffe Center for Book Arts may be viewed Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM.

    From I-95 or the Florida Turnpike, exit Glades Road, east. The FAU campus is located just east of I-95 on the north side of Glades Road. If you enter the campus at FAU's main entrance (the one furthest west on Glades Road... and the first one you get to approaching from I-95 or the turnpike), you will enter on West University Drive (formerly Broward Avenue). Continue straight on West University Drive to the traffic light at its intersection with Volusia Street. Turn right onto Volusia Street. You will see a parking garage on Volusia Street, and the Wimberly Library is the next building east of the parking garage.

    Visitor parking is available in the library parking lot. The metered system accepts cash and credit cards at the rate of $1 per hour.

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