Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.


At 40 years of age, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. abandoned the traditional American Dream to follow his own. Unsatisfied with his comfortable, middle-class life, Amos traded in his computer for a printing press and his white collar for a pair of overalls. Armed with life, liberty, peanuts, and a meager yearly income of $7,000, Amos cranked out a new, mutinous declaration of independence.

Today, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. is known as a force to be reckoned with. He is a printer with something to say and a bold, memorable way of saying it, through wood type, color overlays and chipboard. His work explores issues of race, gender, equality and artistic expression. He is a self-proclaimed "humble negro printer." In fact, one of the worst things you could do is call him an "African-American artist," so don't. But his work as a printer is unmistakable, powerful, strong... everything a great artist hopes to attain.

Kennedy is also the subject of the Brown Finch Films 2008 documentary that bears the same name as our exhibition. "Proceed and Be Bold" is a feature-length film that we'll be screening numerous times at JCBA in the Book Arts Gallery while Kennedy's work is on exhibit. (As the film poster says: "If you thought film was powerful, try a printing press.")

Our exhibition includes not just the letterpress-printed posters for which Amos is best known, but also handmade books, postcards and ephemera, brought together here at JCBA and the Wimberly Library for a retrospective exhibition that you will remember and talk about for a long time.

"PROCEED AND BE BOLD: Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., Printer" was on exhibit library-wide through Sunday, May 9, 2010.


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