for the love of books

For the Love of Books
Wimberly Library, 3rd Floor East, JCBA Lobby Gallery
Through October 12, 2011

This is the Fifth Edition of our biennial book arts competition for members of the South Florida Calligraphy Guild. The competition began in 2001 when Arthur Jaffe first challenged guild members to turn their calligraphy pens to the book form. This year there were 22 entries. As in past years, the entry awarded Jaffe Purchase Prize is purchased by Arthur and added to the Jaffe Collection. The Guild awards the runner-up prizes.

Jaffe Purchase Prize
Eliza Holliday / Fuel
Pour, drawn and lettered graphite, white lead on Arches Text Wove and Canson Mi Teintes papers.
The small glueless craft bookform that I learned in a ten-minute serendipity session at a calligraphy conference, which I dubbed the “Diamond Burrito Book” (named for the center hole in half the signatures, and the way the other signatures are rolled to pass through those diamond signatures) has always amused me. I had used this form for small decorative books, celebrating the cut pages for the peek-a-boo effect... but decided to try a bigger fine art book using the same concept. It seemed a good match with a color scheme I had in mind: the bringing together of the chaotic graphite-pour pages and plain black.  
Now for a text. Opening up my weekly New Yorker magazine, there it was: in a wry poem by essayist and ecologist Wendell Berry (“A Speech to the Garden Club of America”) writing an apology for being part of the problem (for “coming to you by a series of explosions in the air”), for stating our addiction to fossil fuels (bad fuel) and then painting the life of the gardener as a celebration of a good fuel “that burns hotter than a summer’s day.”

Second Prize
Marie Marcano / Wild Flower
Sumi-E on watercolor paper dyed with Brazilwood, in multiple scrolls bound by a metal ring. Found box lined with Thai banana plank paper, wooden tray, kozo paper.  
The unreadable writings on the flower explain the fascinating pollination process performed by insects and birds. The text works like coded information that only the right species of animals and plants could easily read. The inscription on the leaves talks about foliage and diverse species of trees.


Third Prize
Gloria Eckart / The Wind
Gouache on Arches Text Wove paste paper with cotton cloth over museum board.  

This is one of my favorite poems. I think Antonio Machado’s message becomes deeper with each reading. I hope that I am doing well with my garden.


Honorable Mention
Marilynn Gladstone / Oil Spill
Monoprints, watercolor and gouache, walnut and other inks, gesso, wax, suminagashi, collage on Villata papers.  
Watching the tragedy in the Gulf unfold, I was moved beyond words by the loss, chaos, despair and senselessness of this man-made disaster. It became imperative for me to document some of the madness as it unfurled over the period of April 2010 to April 2011. There is much that I have left out, but my intention was to pay tribute to those people who were the victims and the heroes.

Honorable Mention
Grace Fishenfeld / A&E Alphabet

Calligraphy marker and powdered pastels on Saunders-Waterford heavyweight board.  

The A&E Alphabet book was designed when it occurred to me that stories started with symbols that formed words and that the story of Adam & Eve generated the saga of mankind.


These books and the other entries to the competition are on exhibition in the lobby outside the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, third floor east of FAU's Wimberly Library. The exhibition may be viewed anytime during regular library hours: Sunday noon to midnight, Monday to Thursday 8 AM to midnight, Friday 8 AM to 6 PM, Saturday noon to 6 PM. Visitors may park in metered parking in the library parking lot.