1980s book arts subculture
 copy art • mail art • fluxus
 from the collection of ginny lloyd

Copy art, mail art, Fluxus and other movements took off in the 1980s as artists began using grassroots print technology like xerography, stamp art and video phone, all the while informed by the punk subculture that was flourishing at the time. The works in this exhibition are from the Jaffe Collection and from the collection of Ginny Lloyd, an artist who was in the heart of it all in 1980s San Francisco.

Artists in this library-wide exhibition include Buster Cleveland, Ray Johnson, Polly Esther Nation, Ulises Carrión, William Gaglione, Sas Colby, Richard Kostelanetz, Rockola, György Galántai and Buz Blurr. To name just a few.

"The Carbon Alternative" is  on exhibit library-wide through October 18, 2010. This includes the main lobby of the Wimberly Library, the Wimberly Administrative Offices (2nd floor west), and the lobby of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts (3rd floor east), as well as inside the Jaffe Book Arts Gallery. The exhibition may be viewed anytime during regular library hours, which may be found at www.library.fau.edu/geninfo/hours.htm?boca or by calling (561) 297-3770. For the portion of the exhibition found inside JCBA, hours are Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM. Special tours are possible by contacting John Cutrone, JCBA Programs Coordinator, at (561) 297-0455 or jcutrone@fau.edu.

This exhibition is accessible in the public areas of the Wimberly Library (First Floor Main Lobby and Third Floor JCBA Lobby). Regular library hours are Monday to Thursday 7:40 AM to 2 AM, Friday 7:40 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 10:30 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday, Noon to 2 AM.

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Visitor parking is available in the library parking lot. The metered system accepts cash and credit cards at the rate of $1 per hour.

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