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Artwork by Daniel Zaccardi

Navigating 2020 - 2021:
Zine Maker Contest

We made it: 2022, and it’s going to be a good year. It's got to be a good year! It's been a crazy past two years, many of us dealing with illness, isolation, confusion, and turmoil on so many different levels. So, we want to know: How did you Navigate 2020/2021? Were there changes in your life, your relationships, your health, or habits during the past couple of years? Have your philosophies, feelings, or views of the world changed?

We invite you to open up by trying a time and tested vehicle for self-expression: The Zine! A simple yet effective way of broadcasting your feelings, not on the Internet (crazy, we know). Zines have been putting societal issues, political viewpoints, and artistic expression on blast in analog fashion since the post-punk world of the 1980s. Making zines is fun, it’s easy, and if you want to remain anonymous, no one even has to know it’s you (beat that Facebook/Meta, or whatever!).

Zine Creation Help

What’s that, you don’t know how to make a Zine? We’ve got you covered. You can create an eight-panel illustrated zine with a single piece of 8.5 x 11 piece of copy paper. Here, let our friends from the Oregonian show you:

Need more hands-on training? The Jaffe Center will hold instructional zine workshops via Zoom each Friday at 2 PM this Spring Semester. Seats will be limited, so please register in advance. Just fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page, or email us at ly-jcba@fau.edu.

Submission and Prizes

So here’s the deal: Produce and submit (via email or in person) a zine by March 31, 2022. Your submission and all the others we receive will become part of a boxed set that will become part of the permanent collection at FAU Libraries’ Jaffe Center for Book Arts. If you are uncomfortable sharing your story openly, you may produce your zine via an alias, or pseudonym. (Just be sure to include your contact information when you submit your entry in case you win one of our many prizes.)

FAU Libraries, the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, and our sponsors will jury all submitted zines to determine one grand prize winner and two runners up. While everyone is welcomed to submit Zines for the project only FAU students will be eligible for prizes. The grand prize winner chosen by the jury will receive $300, a $50 gift card from Tate’s Comics, plus products from Trader Joe’s. The runner-up will receive a $30 gift card from Tate’s Comics and a selection of products from Trader Joe's. Third place will receive a $20 gift card from Tate’s Comics and a selection of products from Trader Joe's. Awards will be announced via jaffecollection.org and will be ready for pick up on April 22, 2022. Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

We are located on the third floor of FAU's S.E. Wimberly Library and are available
Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm and here is our mailing address:

Jaffe Center for the Book Arts
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton,Florida 33431

Thank You

JCBA would like to thank our sponsors: William Chrisant & Sons' Old Florida Bookshop, Tate’s Comics, and Trader Joe’s for supporting our students. A special thank you as well to Simone Clunie, a wonderful artist, librarian and human being. Her ideas helped to create the vision for this project!