First Friday of each month
3 to 6 PM
JCBA Book Arts Gallery

It's a fast paced world. We send text messages, we send emails... but what happens when you receive a handwritten letter in your mailbox? We hold the letter, we pause, we look at it. It's a moment out of time and a small cause for celebration.

In this spirit, JCBA would like to spread more joy and celebration in this world. So we're hosting a series of letterwriting gatherings on Friday afternoons. Come join in the fun the first Friday of each month. Bring your own stuff, or choose from the amazing papers, pens and inks, sealing wax and rubber stamps we'll have on hand for your use. We'll have stamps for you and cookies and tea and coffee.

Come spend time with friends and family in far away places as you write them letters... and spend time with some new friends who share a love of Real Mail.

$10 buys you access to all our great supplies, with complimentary stamps, cookies and coffee. Come enjoy a fun afternoon and bring a friend!