The essential focus of the collection is on artists' books and the broader topics of the Book Arts: letterpress printing, fine binding, handpapermaking and paper decoration.

JCBA's Famous Letterwriting Socials

University closes at noon due to home game at FAU Stadium;
Real Mail Fridays is canceled for September

JCBA's 8th Annual
Featuring the Florida Premiere of “Pressing On: The Letterpress Film"

Sunday September 17, 2017
Noon to 5 PM
Monday September 18, 2017
from Noon to 8 PM

Jaffe Center for Book Arts at FAU’s Wimberly Library
Letterpress Studio & Book Arts Gallery

The number .918 is of immense importance here at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts and for anyone involved in the old and venerable craft of letterpress printing: .918 inches is the standard height of all the types we use, from the very smallest to the largest. It's a number that reminds us of 9/18, and so for years now, JCBA has been celebrating Letterpress Appreciation Day on the 18th of September. This year 9/18 falls on a Monday, which is close enough to the weekend… so we're making things twice as nice by celebrating on Sunday the 17th and on Monday the 18th, too!

Come on over during our open house and print like you mean it using one mean press: We'll be cranking out prints on JCBA's 1890 Wesel Iron Handpress and you will be the printer. You'll print a broadside (a poster, basically) that will be set from JCBA's collection of historic wood and metal types while we teach you a bit about this fascinating craft. The poster is yours to keep and printing it will teach you the difference between clicking PRINT and actually PRINTING. Our Letterpress Studio is home to an assortment of historic printing presses, all of which are actively used by students and visiting artists to create hand-printed books and literary broadsides.

Yessir, free! This eighth annual open house is a free event, though donations to the non-profit Jaffe Center, which is focused on artists’ books and the study of hand papermaking, letterpress printing, and bookbinding, are encouraged. (In keeping with the spirit of Letterpress Appreciation Day, might we suggest gifts in multiples of $9.18?) Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted for both donations and purchases. Of course we appreciate your support, but your presence is more important to us than your donation.

We'll be gathering up some awesome letterpress printed items available for purchase: cards, prints, books. All printed by real artisans practicing the letterpress tradition. We’ll be pouring coffee and lemonade, courtesy of Chartwells, to fuel your creative endeavors, and the folks at Convivio Bookworks are supplying the Italian cookies!

From I-95 or the Florida Turnpike, exit Glades Road, east. The FAU campus is located just east of I-95. If you enter the campus at FAU's main entrance (the one furthest west on Glades Road... and the first one you get to approaching from I-95 or the turnpike), you will enter on West University Drive. Continue straight on West University Drive to the traffic light at its intersection with Volusia Street. Turn right onto Volusia Street. You will see a parking garage on Volusia Street, and the Wimberly Library is the next building east of the parking garage. Visitor Parking is available at the metered spaces in the library parking lot; the meter system accepts payment with cash or credit card.

BIG THANKS to our Sponsors! Letterpress Appreciation Days are made possible through the generous support of OCEANWALKER STUDIOS, a boutique design and communications group where creative thinking is the order of the day. Every day.

Gratitude, as well, for support from the following fine companies:

The Florida Premiere of
Two screenings on the big screen in the Jaffe Book Arts Gallery!
Admission: Self-Determined (Students: FREE)

Sunday September 17 at 3 PM
Monday September 18 at 6 PM

2017 • Documentary • Unrated • 99 minutes • Bayonet Media • Directed by Erin Beckloff & Andrew P. Quinn.

The modern world was born on a printing press. Once essential to communication, the 500-year-old process is now in danger of being lost as its caretakers age. From self-proclaimed basement hoarders to the famed Hatch Show Print, "Pressing On: The Letterpress Film" explores the question: why has letterpress survived in a digital age? Worlds of each character emerge as unusual narratives—joyful, mournful, reflective and visionary—are punctuated with on-screen visual poetry, every shot meticulously composed. Captivating personalities blend with wood and metal type as young printers strive to save this historic process in a film created for the designer, type nerd, historian, and collector in us all.

ALL LETTERPRESS APPRECIATION DAYS EVENTS take place at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts inside FAU’s Wimberly Library (3rd Floor East).

From I-95 or the Florida Turnpike, exit Glades Road, east. The FAU campus is located just east of I-95. If you enter the campus at FAU's main entrance (the one furthest west on Glades Road... and the first one you get to approaching from I-95 or the turnpike), you will enter on West University Drive. Continue straight on West University Drive to the traffic light at its intersection with Volusia Street. Turn right onto Volusia Street. You will see a parking garage on Volusia Street, and the Wimberly Library is the next building east of the parking garage. Visitor Parking is available at the metered spaces in the library parking lot; the meter system accepts payment with cash or credit card.

Indoors and out at JCBA's Book Arts Studios, located at FAU's historic T6 building
Saturday October 14, 2017
1 to 7 PM
Free admission; open to all!

Wayzgoose? Yes, Wayzgoose! A wayzgoose is an old English printers’ celebration, traditionally on St. Bartholomew’s Day (the 24th of August). By the arrival of Bartlemas each waning summer, printers in England needed to light lamps and candles to beef up the sunlight to set type for their projects. And on that day, a good printshop proprietor would bring in not just the lamps and candles, but also some good food and strong ale to boot. Was there goose involved? Maybe. All we know is this annual printers’ celebration became known eventually as a Wayzgoose.

Summer lasts longer here in Florida, so maybe it’s fitting that our first Wayzgoose is in October… and we’re making it a big autumnal party. Celebrating 5 years since opening our hand papermaking studios and 10 years since opening our print shop and bindery, the Autumn Wayzgoose at our paper studios will feature a big tent, live music, a good old fashioned apple sale, print and paper making demos, and our Harvest Makers Marketplace, featuring the wares of about 40 local artisans and small creative companies––our biggest marketplace yet!

The Autumn Wayzgoose kicks off JCBA’s new Makers Marketplace season, and we’re looking for makers and small creative companies to show off and sell their wares at our first pop-up market of the season. It is a curated marketplace, so if you’re interested, send us your details: company name, website, Facebook page, Instagram handle, photos of your work and/or your displays you’ve set in other pop-up shops… anything you think will help us get a clear picture of your wares and your story. We will curate the market to create the best mix of makers. Don’t feel slighted if you don’t get into this one; we’ll be running markets on an almost monthly basis through March.

This being a big hoopla marketplace party which we expect will draw a larger than usual crowd, table fees for this market are $45 per table (a space about 6’ x 6’). You can use our tables or bring your own display. Yes, you can get more than one table or 6’ x 6’ space; let us know if this interests you. Fees go toward making this the best market possible; anything extra supports the Jaffe Center for Book Arts Education Fund.

Admission is free and open to all. We offer free and close-by parking, directional signing specific to the Marketplace on all main campus roads, large banner signs for the Wayzgoose on the roads in the immediate vicinity of the event, and extensive publicity through JCBA's email news (a 5,000-strong list), Facebook, Intstagram, and for the Wayzgoose, printed postcards and posted signs.

BIG THANKS to our Wayzgoose Sponsors!

WATCH THIS PAGE We will update the Wayzgoose information often over the course of the next few weeks. Our focus right now is on organizing makers and vendors.

Historic T6 is located on FAU's Boca Raton campus, at the northeast corner, very close to Henderson School and the FAU Football Stadium and directly across the street from the east entrance of Palm Beach State College. We will have directional road signs placed strategically on main campus roads directing you to the place, along with free, close-by parking.

From Glades Road: Enter the FAU campus at the main entrance (the one closest to I-95) and you will find yourself on West University Drive. Continue straight. The road will curve eventually and become North University Drive and the Football Stadium will soon be in view. There will be a traffic light just past the stadium. Continue straight, and make a left turn at the stop sign, onto NW 8th Avenue. On your right, across from the entrance to Palm Beach State College, is T6, a long single-story building with a tall brick chimney. This is the place! T5 is the next building, and then comes a parking lot, which is where you should park.

From Spanish River Boulevard: Enter the FAU Campus at the traffic light at FAU Boulevard. Before the road makes a big curve off to the west, you will make a left turn onto NW 8th Avenue. Palm Beach State College will be on your right, and on your left, you will soon see two long single-story buildings with tall brick chimneys. These are Buildings T5 and T6. Park in the parking lot just north of T5. The Paper Lab is located a very short walk away in T6.

an intimate gallery concert: only 50 seats
Jaffe Book Arts Gallery
Sunday evening, January 21, 2018

Ticket information coming soon. To be placed on our early reservation list, please contact JCBA Director John Cutrone at <>.

The Jaffe Center for Book Arts is delighted to welcome Gaelynn Lea to FAU for an intimate gallery concert on Sunday evening, January 21. Gaelynn, from Duluth, Minnesota, has been playing violin for over twenty years. Her world changed dramatically in 2016 when she was named the winner of NPR Music’s second-ever Tiny Desk Contest. Her music video entry rose to the top of over 6,100 entries from around the nation, and was chosen as the unanimous favorite among the contest’s six judges. A week later, Gaelynn performed a moving Tiny Desk Concert, at which the show’s host Bob Boilen said “there was hardly a dry eye.”
First classically trained, Gaelynn began learning traditional Celtic and American fiddle tunes at the age of 18. During her college years, she began sitting in with various folk/rock musicians. She began writing her own songs and developed an improvisational style all her own; her aim is to create a meditative, layered sound that allows the listener’s mind to drift. In November 2015, she released her debut solo album, “All the Roads that Lead Us Home.” The record pays homage to the traditional fiddle tunes and beloved standards that Gaelynn has been playing for over a decade, but Gaelynn puts her own spin on things: she used her Memory Man looping pedal to create winding layers of sound underneath these familiar melodies. From her album review by Tony Bennett in the Duluth News Tribune:

“Lea takes a meditative approach, building loops that are based on sustained notes and vibrato, loops that seem like she’s scoring a sunrise on a winter morning. Yearning, reaching melodies emerge from the wash of sound and then recede into the background. Chords are flittingly outlined as root notes collide with thirds or fifths or sevenths. It’s all very ephemeral and gauzy, and the tracks are easy to get lost in. 'All the Roads that Lead Us Home' is a focused, vibrant piece of music by a person who is able to take a solitary instrument and make it sound like a full string arrangement, who can fill a full-length LP with mostly just those sounds and communicate fluently her heart and soul with only a few tools.”
A handful of busy months flew by after winning NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest, and somewhere in that whirlwind Gaelynn managed to record a 6-track EP titled "The Songs We Sing Along the Way." This record was released on August 15th, 2016 and is a blend of Lea's original songs (including the contest-winning number, “Someday We'll Linger in the Sun"), traditional fiddle tunes, and her own poetry. 

Lea identifies equally as a songwriter and a fiddler, so much like her debut solo album, Gaelynn constructed this EP to be a winding exploration of both art forms. However, this time around she took a slightly different approach, choosing to collaborate with Minneapolis songwriter, guitarist and percussionist Alan Church (BBGUN, Al Church and State). He skillfully added texture and color to each track as they improvised together in The Pearl Recording Studio in the Twin Cities. Gaelynn hopes this EP will provide her new, wider audience with a sense hope and an appreciation of what the violin can do and has done for hundreds of years. 

In addition to performing and recording, Gaelynn loves to do speaking engagements about disability, overcoming challenges, and the joy of music. Gaelynn has a congenital disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bones Disease. In recent years, she has used her music as a platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote positive social change. Gaelynn believes society must make accessibility a priority so people with disabilities can participate fully in their communities and use their talents and gifts without discrimination. Gaelynn will be speaking at FAU Libraries as part of this visit, too. More details on this lecture as they unfold. It will most likely be on Monday, January 22, in the afternoon.

"Karen Dalton and Joanna Newsom melt together in the form of Gaelynn Lea and set about absolutely obliterating your heart.”  
––Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)

 "The way her voice resonates is so unusual and beautiful, like nothing I've ever heard before.”––Jess Wolfe (Lucius) 

JCBA's Makers Marketplaces are pop-up markets designed to feature and support our local artisan community and small creative companies. We curate each market with the goal of having a broad mix of products available and are interested in makers who work in books and paper, clay, wood, iron and small metals, textiles, baskets, photography, etc. We are also interested in local foodstuffs like honey, eggs and produce, and baked goods. Local authors and musicians are welcome. If you are taking a creative approach to daily living, we would like to hear from you.
Our Makers Marketplaces are held throughout the year, as announced, at JCBA's satellite studios at FAU's historic Building T6, sometimes making use of only the indoor studios, and sometimes of outdoor tents, as well. Table fees are very reasonable. We supply tables and chairs, marketing, and a fun atmosphere that typically includes a maker project and some really delicious doughnuts. A lovely sense of community has built up around our Makers Marketplaces. If this sounds like a community in which you'd like to participate, let us know and we'll send you details on how to apply. Write to JCBA Director John Cutrone at <>.