Book Arts 101: Midsummer

(Episode 40, Home Edition)
Wednesday June 23
3 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Abundant June continues. Bloomsday is past. We've just celebrated the first Juneteenth in its new official designation as a national holiday, and now here comes Old Midsummer, as the setting sun on June 23 brings St. John's Eve, that same mischievous night William Shakespeare wrote about in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Juneteenth and midsummer night's dreaming may admittedly be an odd combination, but be that as it may, for Episode 40 of Book Arts 101, we'll dabble in artists' books and prints from the Jaffe Collection that touch on both. Be sure to stay to the end, for that's when we'll be sharing some big news: We'll be announcing the line-up for this summer's Library Wayzgoose Festival. It will be a virtual event that you can attend from anywhere in the world, and this year's Wayzgoose is going to be a very special one. I think you'll be really excited about our featured printer and our musicians.

I'm John Cutrone, Director of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University Libraries, and your host for Book Arts 101. Watch via Zoom Webinar or live dangerously and watch the Facebook Live simulcast (that option is always a game of chance)... or wait 'til later and catch the video that is posted after each broadcast at JCBA's Vimeo Channel (


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