Book Arts 101: Autumn Spell

a video event here at
Premieres Wednesday October 27
3 PM Eastern Daylight Time

and available here through November 11
beyond that, at our Vimeo Channel

This year, to honor Halloween and all the mysteries of autumn, we're filming a special Book Arts 101 that you'll be able to watch whenever you wish. We'll explore some of the Jaffe Collection's spookier books and weave a spell that may just transmogrify even the biggest skeptic into a Book Arts Enthusiast. Expect a mostly ghostly story or two, as well. Is anything what it seems? Who knows.

Your host is me, John Cutrone, Director of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. I'll do my best to conjure up a book arts spirit or two.

The online video event premieres right here at our website on Wednesday October 27 at 3 PM Eastern. We'll keep it featured here through Halloween and all the Days of the Dead, through Martinmas on November 11. Beyond that, find it anytime at our Vimeo Channel (


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