Real Mail Fridays: Pre-Wayzgoose Social

Featuring Music by Patty Larkin
Friday March 24
2 to 5 PM Eastern
From Wherever You Are, via Zoom

Our Library Wayzgoose Social premieres on Saturday March 25 at 7 PM Eastern right here at our website, The Wayzgoose features a chat with Jennifer Farrell of Starshaped Press, Chicago, and a special Wayzgoose concert by Patty Larkin, and for this special Real Mail Fridays session that comes the day before our Wayzgoose, we'll focus on the music of Patty Larkin, and especially music from her latest release, Bird in a Cage. With eleven studio albums and two live recordings under her belt, Patty Larkin mines the intersection of poetry and song with this innovative recording. We think you'll love it as much as we do, and we think you'll love Patty's concert that she recorded for our Wayzgoose, too.

And though we bill Real Mail Fridays as a letter writing social, join us to do whatever it is you need to do: our Real Mail enthusiasts spend their Fridays with us journaling, baking, working at their desks, binding books and figuring out paper engineering conundrums, even gardening and shoveling snow. Some folks do indeed write letters, and folks join us from all over the country and Canada and even beyond. Our newest Real Mail friend lives in Istanbul. We'd love for you to join in, too. From wherever you hail and whatever it is you're doing, you can do it in the company of friends who look forward to seeing you. Real Mail Fridays: three hours of quiet working time, set to a very Jaffe soundtrack (this time featuring the music of Patty Larkin), with a short break once or twice an hour to chat. Supremely heartwarming.


Here is the link and password for our virtual Real Mail Fridays letter writing socials:


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