Would You Vote for a President Who Is a Fake President?

By Joan Iversen Goswell


In a homely manila bookwrap tied with blue strings, Joan Goswell packages a book bound in the American Flag. She uses stamps for both text and some illustrations corroborating the feeling of immediacy and protest to a sardonic denunciation of the presidency of George W. Bush.

Goswell's tricks include an "extra joker" playing card picturing President Bush and describing him as "a court appointed President, jammed into the deck by the Project for a New American Century and the Supreme Court." The card's value: "Joker: takes the place of a real card."

Each section of commentary continues the title question by appending a "who" clause - as in " who posts this [a transcript of remarks by the President about ordering ribs at the Nothin' Fancy Cafe in Roswell, N.M.] on the official White House Web Site? Attacking President Bush's economic social and defense programs, as well as making fun of his personal predilections. Goswell ends the book with "and remember...One-two-three-four, kick the liar out the door!"

- Judith Klau

Rubberstamp, ink jet and collage
One of a kind