Street Broadsides
  Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition project
––one of only ten in the world––

The Departure of Friends

Artist's Statement

Since the bombing of a booksellers’ district so poignantly references the silencing of voices, I thought it was important to make this project an opportunity to hear voices of that region, and important for the project to avoid any appearance of speaking for Iraq. Locating and contacting Iraqi poets, and getting permission from them and from publishers to print their work, was challenging, but I think it made the portfolio a stronger statement. I created an archive of the work I found and shared it with interested fellow printers.

For similar reasons, I felt it was important to include some Arabic in the two broadsides I printed, as well as on the cover sheet to the portfolio and other printed matter accompanying the exhibit and readings.

Medical assistance to the wounded goes beyond politics. I think Doctors Without Borders and other humanitarian relief groups are the perfect choice for funds raised by this project.