Street Broadsides
  Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition project
––one of only ten in the world––

Glory & Honor Will Be Restored

Artist's Statement

In creating Glory and Honor, I sought to relate both to what had happened on March 5, 2007, on Al-Mutanabbi Street and to its long history. What better place to start in attempting to express my sentiments than with the words of al Mutannabi? As to the image, it seeks again to relate to what the street represents as well as to the event that has brought it to our attention.

The broadside was letterpress printed from hand set type and linoleum block on dampened Magnani Pescia Cream paper using a hand inked Nolan proof press. The ink is relatively ancient oil-based Gans Tuxedo black, repackaged by Ink in Tubes. The main text is set in Deepdene and the ancillary information in English Old Style Caslon, both Monotype faces still available new from M & H Type.

Printing was done in two passes through the press because block and text require appreciably different amounts of ink. The text impression is heavier than I would have preferred as a consequence of my having started with the block. The solution, swapping out the press bed plate for a thinner one, introduces registration issues that, although minimal in this case, I chose to avoid.