Street Broadsides
  Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition project
––one of only ten in the world––

Forget Regrets

Artist's Statement

The poem, "Forget Regrets," comes from Fickle Sonnets, a book of his poems Geoffrey Young gave to me when he visited Santa Barbara in 2005. I have always admired Geoff’s poems, but I liked them more after hearing his musical phrases when he read aloud from his work. Like good music, Geoff’s poems are full of surprises.

When thinking of Mutanabbi Street, it is no surprise I also thought of Geoff Young, who (like me) lived and worked in the Bay Area during the 1970s. When Geoff was growing up, his father operated a used bookstore in San Diego. A poet, publisher, and art critic, Geoff now also operates an art gallery in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. In 2003, a review in Publishers’ Weekly observed: “For years Young has been a ‘poets’ poet’ and, with his gallery in the Berkshires, a painters’ poet.”