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Catalog Introduction

Welcome to the Catalog module. You have come to this page because you want to learn how to find a book, video, magazine, or journal in our library. Before we begin, though, let's take a look at a few good questions that some people ask about the Catalog.

Question 1:
What is the Catalog?

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Question 2:
Why should I use the Catalog?

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Question 3:
I just need one book. Can't I go to the shelf and just look for it?

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Question 4:
Why is finding a book so complicated?

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To access the Catalog, go to the Libraries' home page and select the Library Catalog link, (see Figure 1 below for details).

Figure 1


  • The Catalog is available online which means that you can search it from home, at work, or anywhere else you have Internet access. Even people in other states and countries can look up items in our catalog.
  • Since the Catalog is online, slow or no connections are to be expected. Even as quick as technology is today, servers can go down.

So, are you ready to learn how to use the Catalog? Let's get started



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