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FAU Interlibrary Loan Department

ILL Quick Information

Interlibrary Loan Hours
 Mon. - Fri. 8am -5pm

ILL materials may be picked up and returned at the
Circulation Desk anytime the Library is open.

Contact Us

Florida Atlantic University
Library - ILL Department
Building LY 3, Rm 214
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431 

Building LY 3, Rm 214  - 2nd Floor West
Boca Campus

Interlibrary Loan Office Phone:
(561) 297-0563

Interlibrary Loan Office Fax:
(561) 297-2232

Delivery of materials usually takes:

articles - 2 or more days
books - 7 or more days
Rare & hard-to-find materials
may take longer





















































































  ILL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Interlibrary loan is a service provided by the S.E. Wimberly Library to further the scholarly research of Florida Atlantic University's faculty, students and staff by obtaining library materials unavailable at our library. So that we may expedite the process, we ask that you take a moment to read through the information listed below.

The answers given to these questions apply to those campuses served by the ILLiad system and the Boca Raton campus ILL Department, which include Boca Raton, Jupiter, SeaTech and Harbor Branch. For information about ILL at the Davie and Ft. Lauderdale Tower campuses see the following links:



* Who is eligible to use the Interlibrary Loan service?
How do I submit requests?
How do I renew requests?
How do I edit/cancel requests?
How long does it take?
How can I speed up the process?
How many requests may I submit?
How much will it cost?
Can I Pay with Credit Card?
How will I be notified?
May another person pick up my ILL materials for me?
How long may I keep materials borrowed through ILL?
May I renew materials borrowed through ILL?
What types of materials will ILL not order?
What types of materials are difficult to obtain through ILL?
Can I obtain materials held at other FAU campuses?

* Why does it take longer to get materials from Harbor Branch?

Who is eligible to use the Interlibrary Loan service?
FAU Libraries extend Interlibrary Loan privileges to all currently-enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Florida Atlantic University at the Boca Raton, Jupiter, Harbor Branch and SeaTech campuses. Privileges are also granted to currently-enrolled students, faculty and staff of Palm Beach Community College (South campus), Non-native Fish Research Laboratory staff, and to distance learners from within the Florida Division of Colleges and Universities (DCU) and Florida Community College Systems, once they are issued a valid FAU Library card (or Owlcard).

FAU faculty, staff, and currently-enrolled students at the Davie campus should use the ILL services provided by the University/College Library, and those at the Ft. Lauderdale Tower campus should use the ILL services at the Broward County Main Library (see links above). FAU Broward faculty, staff, and students may use the ILL services at the Boca Raton campus library, but must pick up and return materials at the Boca Raton campus library.

Interlibrary Loan privileges are not extended to holders of Friends of the Library nor Alumni Library Card holders. These cards provide check-out privileges for items owned by the FAU Libraries only. These individuals, as well as members of the Lifelong Learning Society and other non-affiliated users, may seek ILL services at their local public library.

How do I submit requests?
ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan Internet Accessible Database) is the online resource sharing and ILL management system used by the FAU Library to send, receive and process interlibrary and intralibrary loan requests. The system allows us to provide expedited services to our ILL users and allows users to track the progress of their requests online. To register as an ILLiad user, click on the link to ILLiad and complete the First Time Users registration.
How do I renew requests?
Login to your ILLiad Account https://fau.illiad.oclc.org/illiad/Logon.html
In the left hand column under ‘View’ click on ‘Checked Out Items’ (A list of checked out items will appear)
Click on the transaction number (left of the title you would like to renew)
If the item is set as a renewable item from the lending library, the ‘Renew Request’ button will appear at the top left of the screen.
Click on the text ‘Renew Request

Your renewal request will be sent to the ILL office and your item will be assigned a tentative due date. If the lender approves, you will be notified of the actual due date.

Note: Normally, only one renewal is allowed. All ILL items are subject to recall by the lender at any time. If you have questions, you may contact the ILL Office by calling 561-297-0563 or email lyill@fau.edu
How do I edit / cancel requests?
Login to your ILLiad Account https://fau.illiad.oclc.org/illiad/Logon.html
In the left hand column under ‘View’ click on ‘Checked Out Items’ (A list of checked out items will appear)
Click on the transaction number (left of the title you would like to renew)

If the item has not been received from the lending library, the ‘Edit Request | Cancel Request ’ buttons will appear at the top left of the screen.

Click on the text ‘Edit Request or Cancel Request

If you choose Edit request you will be take to the request form. You can make changes or add notes. Re-submit your request to save changes.

If you choose Cancel Request, your request will be sent to the ILL office.
How long does it take?
In most cases, articles take 2-5 business days and loans take 7-10 business days. The turn-around time is usually less for items coming from within the state of Florida (where most libraries are part of a statewide courier service). Typically,materials owned by one of the FAU branch campuses takes from 2-5 business days, assuming the material is on the shelf and not checked out to another patron.
How can I speed up the process?
  1. Make sure that FAU does not own the item you are requesting. On average, ILL rejects about 15% of requests received because FAU owns the material. Be sure to check the FAU catalog as well as the FAU Libraries list of electronic journals before submitting any ILL request.
  2. Complete a separate request for each item. Do not attempt to paste in a list of citations or a bibliography. Copyright regulations require a separate request for each item, even if they are articles in the same journal.
  3. Provide as much information about each item as possible, including the ISSN or ISBN number if known.
  4. Books may be ordered via UBorrow, click here to login. More information about UBorrow.
  5. If FAU owns some issues of a journal but not the specific issue needed, or, if the pages needed are torn out of the issue, make a note of this in the comments field.
How many requests may I submit?

The ILLiad system allows the following number of active requests*

Faculty  100
Graduates 50
Undergraduates 10
Distance Learners  10
Staff    10

*Regardless of the number of requests submitted, ILL staff will only work on up to ten requests per day per person (unless time allows).

Please prioritize you requests.

How much will it cost?
Through membership in statewide, regional and national resource sharing consortia, the FAU Library can supply most (over 90%) ILL materials to its users without charge. All avenues for “free” loans and copies are pursued first. However, some lenders will only provide materials if a fee is paid. In these cases, the fee is passed on to the user borrowing the materials. Approved charges will be added to your FAU account.Bills are sent from the Cashier's Office and must be paid to that office.  You can pay your fines and charges using the payment methods found here.

For this reason, always indicate on the request form whether you are willing to pay for the item, and if so, the amount you are willing to pay. The library will not exceed the amount you authorize without consulting you first. In general, most libraries that do charge usually charge a flat fee ranging from $10.00 to $25.00 per book loan or photocopy. Some institutions charge more or less than this amount.

Faculty members may pay fees by expenditure transfer from their grant account number. If this option is desired a note including the grant number should be placed in the comments field of the request form.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Charges for lost materials, rush fees, copyright fee, handling fees, service fee, damages ro any other fees associated with an interlibrary loan transaction may be paid by credit card. Click here to access more information on credit card payments.
How will I be notified?
You can check the status of you requests by logging into your ILLiad account and selecting "All Requests" Click on the number next to the title to display the record's status. In addition, the ILLiad system provides e-mail notification to people when their materials arrive.

All registered users must have a Florida Atlantic University e-mail account to insure proper notification.
E-mail accounts are provided automatically for all students from the point of application to the University. To find out what your username is, also known as FAUNetID, go to MyFAU and click on Account information then select How To Look Up Your FAUNet ID.
May another person pick up my ILL materials for me?
When registering as an ILLiad user you can indicate other persons that you authorize to pick up your material for you. However, these individuals must present your ID or Owlcard to do this.
How long may I keep materials borrowed through ILL?
The loan period for borrowed materials is determined by the supplier. You may usually have the item for 3-4 weeks from the time of receipt. Any special requests by the lending institution must be honored, for example, “14 day Loan,” “No Renewals,” or “In-Library Use Only.” Please note that although your library card might entitle you to semester or academic year loans for books owned by FAU, these loan periods do not apply to materials borrowed from other libraries. Please observe the due date on the book band covering the ILL book. Do not remove the book label or band!
May I renew materials borrowed through ILL?
Materials borrowed from other libraries may only be renewed with the permission of the lending library. If you want us to request the renewal of an ILL book, log into your ILLiad account 10 days or less prior to the original due date, and select "View/Renew Checked Out Items." Select the item you’d like to renew and click on the "Request Renewal" button.

The "Renewal Request button will not appear if the item is overdue. Please contact the ILL office to check on the possibility of placing a renewal request for overdue items.

 Check your account in 2-3 days to see if the item has been renewed and what the new date is, or if the request has been denied. If the renewal request is denied, the book must be returned on the original due date. Since the FAU Library does not own the book, we have no jurisdiction over lending libraries’ due dates.

 ILL does not support long-term borrowing of materials from other libraries. If an item is needed for an extended period, you may want to purchase the item or contact either the FAU Libraries Collection Development Coordinator or Campus Librarian  to investigate purchasing it for the FAU Libraries collection.

What types of materials will ILL not order?
The ILL Department will not order any of the following categories of materials:
  1. Items available in the FAU Library in any format, including microform or electronic.
  2. Items available on Course Reserve in the FAU Library.
  3. Textbooks required/recommended for use in classes. Textbooks are available for purchase in the FAU Bookstore.
  4. Standardized test preparation books (i.e. LSAT, GRE, MCAT, etc.)
  5. Items which the lender is charging FAU to borrow, and would cost more than the requestor has indicated that he or she is willing to pay.


  1. Books listed as “Lost” in the FAU Catalog, provided that they do not come under categories 2-5 above.
  2. Photocopies of articles which are torn out of FAU’s copy of a journal or book (if not available electronically).
  3. Photocopies of articles from FAU journals which are currently at the bindery (if not available electronically).
  4. If an item is not found on the shelf, and is not checked out, complete a Report of Book and/or Periodical Not Found form at the Circulation Desk. The staff will attempt to locate your material, and if it is not found, will pass your request on to ILL.
What types of materials are difficult to obtain through ILL?
The following categories of materials may be difficult or impossible to obtain. The ILL Department will attempt to do so, but these are often subject to more restrictive lending policies at many libraries and may not be available:
  1. Non-circulating materials (often: reference books, rare or very old books, archival materials, special collections, etc.)
  2. Very new books and current bestsellers
  3. Entire issues of periodicals
  4. Audiovisual materials (videos, CDs. etc.)
  5. Genealogical materials
  6. Patents, standards, specifications, and internal corporate/technical reports
  7. International materials
  8. Non-circulating theses and dissertations. In many cases these may be available for purchase through a service called
  9. Dissertation Express
Can I obtain materials held at other FAU campuses?

Yes, the ILLiad System is used to request materials from other campus libraries Click here to Log into ILLiad. If you do not have an account, you can register for one here - First Time Users. This process is known as Document Delivery. Delivery to branch campuses normally takes 2-3 days*. Once the material arrives at the pick-up location, it will be held for 7 days on the hold shelf. After 7 days, materials not picked up will be returned to their home library.

*FAU Materials from the Harbor Branch (HBOI) Library may take up to a week for delivery. Please plan accordingly.

Why does it take longer to get materials from Harbor Branch?
Harbor Branch only has courier pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Materials are not picked up or delivered on weekends or holidays which can result in long delivery times. Normal turnaround time is four days but may take as long as a week.

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