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"The National Technical Information Service serves our Nation as the largest, central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information available today. For more than 50 years NTIS has assured businesses, universities, and the public timely access to well over 2 million publications covering over 350 subject areas." For further information please visit the NTIS homepage.

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List of National Technical Information Service Microfiche
in the Government Documents Collection

AD 609005 Division 2. Data Systems
AD 640271 A.L.Glass The Permeation of Salt Water Through or...
AD 499 622 Forrest E. Houston Massachusetts Inst. Of Tech Cambridge
AD 610 551 T.F. Brown Marine Corrosion Studies: Deep Ocean Te
AD 646 388 Wilber H. Gibson The Design and Operation of an R and D
AD 646 734 W. Gibson R and D Clean or Production Clean
AD 647 973 Toscano Aks Replenishment Capability. Deter
AD 648 300 P.M. Debari Evaluation of Unit Loads in Underway
AD 651 994 Hsao-Hsin Chen An Investigation of the Sensitivity and the
AD 659 978 Donald A. Kubose Seawater Corrosion Studies of Emissively
AD 661 186 A.B. Karpov Theoretical and Experimental Study of the
AD 662 037 Irvin M.Waitsman Conceptual Study of electrical Power Transmission Systems..
AD 665 829 R.W. Powell The Precise Determination of Thermal
AD 672 576 L.J. Waldron Cathodic Protection of a Deep Sea Moor
AD 666 673 Elliot B. Koffman Learning Through Pattern Recognition A...
AD 679 639 Raymond E. Taylor Evaluation of Direct Electrical Heating Met
AD 683 787 R.E. Sheridan Laminar Boundary Layers of Bodies of
AD 693 987 John D. Anderson A Time Dependent Analysis for Quasi-one-
AD 696 199 Arthur W. Leissa Analysis of Shallow Shells by the Method
AD 696 992 John. J. Deluccia Electrochemical Aspects of Hydrogen Pe
AD 698 106 P.A. Vorontsov Turbulence and Vertical Currents in the Bo
AD 699 615 John L. Hess Calcualtion of Potential Flow About Arbit
AD 701 785 W.J. Webster A Preliminary Study of the Application of
AD 703 228 John William Hilt An Approx. Analytical Model for Applic
AD 703 261 John McKee Huling Scheduling a Three Supply Ship Replenis
AD 704 119 A.W. Leissa Stress and Deflection Analysis of Fibrous
AD 706 732 Marvin Roy Aardal A Study of Connected Replenishment at
AD 709 400 Carlysle A. Douglas Delay Analysis of Pacific Fleet Underway
AD 711 938 Richard A. Lechner Clean Room for Micro-miniaturization Ph
AD 713 156 Hu H. Chao Computer Programs for Radiation and Sca
AD 714 600 Jerry D. Beveridge An Analytical and Computer Simulation
AD 714 605 James T. McCormick The Use of Helicopters in Underway
AD 723 112 George C. Kao An Experimental Study to Determine the
AD 728 404 C. Chryssostomidis Ship System Studies. Underway Ship Reple
AD 725 767 Kazuhiro Hirasawa Analysis and Design of Arrays of Loaded
AD 731 178 Dah-cheng Kuo A Program for Computing Near Fields of Th
AD 734 680 Hubert B. Wilder Anaylsis of Southeast Asia Underway Reple
AD 735 936 Dag Kavlie A Computer Program for Analysis of Stiffe
AD 742 072 J.R. Low Grain Boundary Segregation of Impurities in
AD 744 314 J.S. Parsons The Optimum Shaping of Axisymmetric
AD 747 245 L.A. Beaubien Behavior of Materials in a Subsurface Ocean
AD 749 954 N.N. Bojarski K-space Formulation of the Electromagn
AD 754 091 E.S. Psarakis Underwater Terrain Navigation and Recon
AD 756 322 Investigation of Cement-replacement Mater
AD 756 548 T. Sarzetakis Maneuvering Control of Replenishment at
AD 757 016 S.H. Brown Computer Simulation of Ship Underway
AD 752 670 W.F. Fender Scattering From an Elastic Spherical Shell
AD 766 252 B.J. Strait Special Programs for Analysis of Radiation
AD 766 781 W J. Yanta Turnulence Measurements with a Laser
AD 766 932 W.J. Renton The Analysis and Design of Composite
AD 767 909 A.T. Adams Methods of Moments Applications. Vol. II.
AD 774 164 G.J. Schoenau The Wake Steering Nozzle: A New Method
AD 775 915 R.W. Clay BQM-34A Polarization of Characteristics-
AD 775 983 Radar Cross Section and Antenna Gain
AD 776 115 V.V. Bolotin Application of the Methods of the Theory
AD 776 993 P.T. Gibson Determination of the Effect of Various Para
AD 777 963 J.C. McLean The Determination of Environmental Difficu
AD 778 074 Radar Cross Section Measurements on a BQ
AD 779 740 M. Galanis Simulation Studies for Replenishment at Sea
AD 781 861 C.G. Lima Multivariable Systems Design: A Two Ships
AD 782 584 B. Hartmann Ultrasonic Properties of Phenolic and Pol
AD 783 521 R.H. Dickson Test Report of Underway Replenishment Ai
AD 783 761 D. Kanareiki Polarization of Radar Signals
AD 785 352 V.A. Cline Application of a Duel Beam Laser Velocime
AD 805 627 David McCullough An Application of Queuing Theory to the
AD 818 986 Bradley W. Gordon An Investigation of Optimal Scheduling of
AD 831 664 Mark H. Waggoner An Analytical Model for Application to the
AD 846 913 John. D. Anderson On Hypersonic Blunt Body Flow Fields Obt
AD 881 981 M. Joglekar An Actuator-disc Analysis of helicopter Wa
AD 892 645 Michael J. Wolfe Marine Corps Cargo Transfer in Combat
AD 893 178 M.B. Betts Impact of Containerization on Future Ship
AD 914 341 K.W. Watkinson Hydrodynamic Design Requirements for the
AD-A000 985 C.E. Perdersen Army medical research inst of infect disease
AD-A003 075 R.L. Alman Equipment for in situ measurement of
AD-A003 945 I.V. Golovcsenko Math model for naval ship handling trainer...
AD-A004 359 J.R. Vinson The analysis of anisotropic bonded joints
AD-A004 603 S.H. Brown Hybrid computer simulation of maneuvering
AD-A004 964 A.R. Hanson Preprocessing cones: a computational
AD-A005 407 L.H. Quam Stanford automatic photogrammetry
AD-A005 474 G.M Vivar Auto control systems for replenishment
AD-A005 766 B. Siegel Combat ship/support ship interface study
AD-A011 906 T.T. Hitch Basic adhesion mechanics in thick/thin
AD-A012 988 V.W. Bolie Computer optimization of cochlear design
AD-A014 272 L.F. Whicker Free-stream characteristics of a family of
AD-A014 744 J.S. PETTY Aerospace research labs wright-patterson AFB
AD-A014 996 D.J. Epstein Research in materials science
AD-A015 826 T.R Ferguson Solution of thin-wire moments problems
AD-A020 808 R.T. Hoffman Deep ocean hydrazine decomposition
AD-A020 991 T.K. Sarkar Analysis of arbitrarily oriented thin wire
AD-A021 838 D.E. Humphreys The analysis of longitudinal control system..
AD-A023 686 K.R. Umashankar Numerical solution procedure for small
AD-A024 212/3GA Plans and development for air and traffic
AD-A024 300 Predictive model of the auditory process
AD-A025 028 C.R. Paul Application of multicolor transmission
AD-A025 355 D.O. Barnett Application of a two-component bragg-
AD-A025 457 T.R. Sarkar A computer program for radiation from
AD-A026 402 T.R. Ferguson Wire moments problems of large size.
AD-A028 207 J.J. Uhrin Sampled data adaptive digital computer
AD-A029 044 J.L. Cashin Signal processing in the auditory nervous
AD-A031 475 M.E. Womble USAFSAM ECG/VCG digitalizing and avg.
AD-A031 704 A.W. Johnson Superconductive motors and lithium-water...
AD-A033 568 M. Alperin Underwater ejector propulsion theory and
AD-A033 882 D.E. Humphreys Development of the equations of motion
AD-A034 537 R.J. Schulz An investigation of ducted, two-stream
AD-A034 949 D.E. Layne The interaction of two vessels in close
AD-A035 996 T.E. King Survey of continuous sources of electrical
AD-A036 353 S.H. Brown Sensitivity study of control parameters
AD-A037 721 T.E. King Survey of continuous sources of elect
AD-A038 283 D.O. Barnett Laser velocimeter measurements in.
AD-A039 324 K.J. Biba Integrity considerations for secure comp
AD-A040 110 A.J. Bachrach Human factors and diving equipment design
AD-A041 775 J. Sahalos An improved formulation for extending
AD-A041 927 Water and related land resources
AD-A044 110 D.E. Chriss An experimental investigation of ducted
AD-A048 847 G.S. Parker Generalized procedures for tracking
AD-A048 988 R.H. Putnam Naval emergency air cargo delivery system
AD-A052 718 D.E. Humphreys Prediction of acceleration hydrodynamic
AD-A053 200 T.R. Elken On the solution of nonlinear equations
AD-A054 001 T.E. Mansfeild Cost and feasibility of standard electric
AD-A054 277 P.S. Symonds Mode and bound approximation methods
AD-A054 900 A. Laemmel Software modeling studies
AD-A054 962 D.C. Summey Hydrodynamic stability and control.
AD-A055 759 J. Perini Method of moment thin wire computer
AD-A055 778 G.T. Schmidt Strap-down inertial systems
AD-A058 088 M. Alperin Underwater jet-diffuser ejector
AD-A058 612 J.E. Fidler Methods for predicting submersible
AD-A058 818 R.C. Wetherhold Analytical model for bonded joint
AD-A061 012 D.G. Leet Preliminary evaluation of the cxc
AD-A061 576 A.C. Gilbert Validity of peer ratings obtained
AD-A062 564 D. Marr A theory of human stereo vision
AD-A065 634 G.W. Stewart Srrit- a fortran subroutine to calculate
AD-A071 804 J. Feldman Dtnsrda revised standard submarine
AD-A074 830 G.T. Hummert Direct current electromagnetic propulsion
AD-A075 409 A.C. Gilber Relationship between officer duty
AD-A083 191 D.H. Hodges On the nonlinear deformation geometry
AD-A084 347 D.R. Wilton Electromagnetic scattering by surface
AD-A085 751 F.R. Preparata Area-time optimal VLSI networks based
AD-A085 924 S.H. Brown Simulation of automatic and quickened.
AD-A087 402 L.N. Medgyesi Radiation and scattering from bodies of
AD-A087 403 L.N. Medgyesi Radiation and scattering from bodies of
AD-A087 669 W.C. Merz High-rate lithium-thionyl battery
AD-A088 806 J.N. Sahalos On the application of the GTD-MM
AD-A094 516 M.J. Weaver Correlation of electrode kinetics with
AD-A099 191 L. A. Morgan RCS matrix studies of sea clutter
AD-A100 333 S.M. Batill High speed smoke flow visualization
AD-A102 504 A.M. Becka Bibliography on fouling, biodeterioration
AD-A105 004 H. Ruston Software modeling studies
AD-A105 816 F.L. Carter Proceedings of the molecular electronic
AD-A110 443 G.O. Thomas Navy shipboard cargo/weapons elevator
AD-A112 282 Y. Himeno Prediction of ship roll damping
AD-A112 644 H.L. Newhouse Underwater power source study
AD-A113 760 J.H. Vincent Development of a low-order model of an
AD-A115 019 J.F. Wadsworth A compendium of tension member
AD-A116 391 W. Boerner Basic concepts of radar polarimetry
AD-A116 590 L.C. Goheen An expansion of balfram to include explicit..
AD-A130 950 B.J. Neuman Opium forebody shaping for axisymmetric...
AD-A125 825 R.Y. Tsai Uniqueness and estimation of 3D motion
AD-A126 346 G.J. Agin Fitting ellipses and general second-order
AD-A131 216 L.F. McGinnis Computer aided layout programs a
AD-A131 704 M.J. Weaver Correlation of electrode kinetics with
AD-A132 515 J.W. Kamman User�s manual for cable- A 3D finite
AD-A133 967 P.Z. Peebles Bistatic radar cross sections of chaff
AD-A134 028 W.E Brackett Daylighting coefficient utilization tables
AD-A135 156 J.S. Cole Simple polarimetric simulation for small
AD-A135 387 J.T. Glass Acoustic emission determination of
AD-A135 859 R.J. Dinger Polarization diversity combining for
AD-A135 928 P.Z. Peebles Radar chaff: A bibliography
AD-A138 025 M.A. Travis Interactive computer graphics for
AD-A138 065 V.M. Parisi Development of a computer aided design
AD-A138 072 D.V. Hibner An approach for multiplayer PBC
AD-A138 427 E.W. Krausman Printed circuit board layout by mircro
AD-A139 290 R.W. Hertzberg Fatigue crack propagation in powder
AD-A141 315 J.L. Stokes Investigation of acoustic emission during
AD-A141 486 E.A. Lee LCAP2 User�s guide
AD-A141 725 J.B. Wilkerson A model of rotor blade first natural
AD-A142 468 F.B. Mansfeld Application of electrochemical and
AD-A143 819 J.R. Mautz Calculation of the excess inductance of
AD-A143 927 P.B. Katehi On the modeling of electromagnetically
AD-A144 226 D. Savitsky Proceedings of the general meeting of
AD-A144 227 D. Savitsky The American towing tank conference
AD-A146 713 Behavior of charcoal filters during accident..
AD-A146 726 W.J. Fitzgerald Votan V500 speech recognition
AD-A147 103 S.A. Tarbell A compilation of moored current meter
AD-A147 782 K. Ikeuchi Determining points using photometric
AD-A148 794 Technology development for unmanned
AD-A150 850 A.W. Schwartz Basic consideration of the lifting ability
AD-A152 547 L. Rogers Vibration damping workshop
AD-A152 924 R.W. Selby Cleanroom software development
AD-A154 753 M.M. Hall Horizontal and vertical structure of
AD-A156 196 J.G. Verly Publications in image understanding and
AD-A158 001 G.K. Poock An examination of some error correcting
AD-A160 034 T. Gennett The role of solvent reorganization in
AD-A160 648 C.R. Chalk Mission-oriented requirements for updating..
AD-A160 657 C.R. Paul Modeling crosstalk on printed circuit boards
AD-A160 672 R. Lynch Dynamics and control of a two degree
AD-A160 893 S.D. Jessup Cavitation and flow visualization
AD-A161 887 A.M. Flynn Redundant sensors for mobile robot
AD-A162 689 L.W. Rehfield Interlaminar fracture toughness in resin matr
AD-A163 307 J.B. Wilson A comparative analysis of whispered
AD-A163 952 J.R. Bullard Interactive computer graphics for
AD-A164 202 J.R. Holten A robot vision system
AD-A164 297 T.D. Foster Small and mesoscale processes in the
AD-A164 772 S.D. Thompson Accelerated corrosion testing of graphite
AD-A164 882 J.G. Pollack Motion comparison between a 64ft swath
AD-A167 426 H.E. Rhody Speech analysis based on a model of the
AD-A167 783 A. Verri Perspective projection invariants
AD-A168 197 M.H. Loew Development of algorithms and hardware
AD-A169 707 A. Schmidt-Nielson Speaker recognition using phoneme
AD-A172 516 J.A. McMannama A non-cognitive formal approach to
AD-A173 481 K.K. McCreight Seakeeping and maneuvering assessment
AD-A173 989 M.I. Jordan Serial order: A parallel distributed
AD-A175 529 Conference proceedings: mechanical
AD-A175 854 Y. Ssshin Investigation of the damping characteristic
AD-A176 655 P. Muller Nonlinear interations among gravity waves
AD-A179 026 P.E. La Violette A preliminary study of a standing interval
AD-A179 989 L. Meirovitch Some problems in control of large space
AD-A181 262 S.J. Gordon Automated assembly using feature
AD-A182 477 Cable and cable dynamics analysis of
AD-A183 737 L. Dodd Language modeling for automatic speech
AD-A187 063 W. Todd Mathematical structures for speech
AD-A188 661 M.D. Riley Time-frequency representations for
AD-A189 560 D.A. Nagy Threshold fatigue crack growth in
AD-A189 774 .F. Allen Northeast artificial intelligence consortium
AD-A189 981 S. Grossberg Instrumentation for scientific computing
AD-A192 222 J.P. Hirth Research on the kinetics of phase changes
AD-A208 107 S.R. Thompson Fatigue crack growth-microstructural
AD-A215 400 R.D. Boss Fractal-based image compression
AD-A217 302 S.M. Kocsis Fractal-based image compression
AD-B002 869 S.T. Liang Submarine System for Logistics and
AD-B065 623L F.C. Liu Naval User�s Manuel, A Computer
AD-P003 122 P.R. Paluzzi Application of Computer Image Process
AD-P000 852 B.L. Burnside Subjective Appraisal as a Feedback Tool
AI-ERDA-13163 Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power
ANL-77-47 M. Ishii One-dimensional Drift-flux Model and
CEGB-RD/B/N D.J. Portch An Investigation into the Change of
CLM-R-106 J.P. Christiansen Vortex: A 2-Dimesional Hydrodynamics
CONF-7810176 Composition of Transportation Synfuels:
CONF-800502-3 J.R. Finche Application of Reconstructive Tomograph..
DE82 002759 S. Diamond Flyash Reactions in Concrete
DE82 003849 R.W. Nelson Subsurface Hydrologic Monitoring to
DE82 004572 Proceedings, Small-Wind-Turbine Systems
DE82 004572 Proceedings, Small-Wind-Turbine Systems
DE82 004572 Proceedings, Small-Wind-Turbine Systems
DE82 004572 Proceedings, Small-Wind-Turbine Systems
DE82 004572 Proceedings, Small-Wind-Turbine Systems
DE82 005304 S. Diamond Fly Ash Reactions in Concrete
DE82 007192 Environmental Impact of Using Fly Ash
DE82 012370 Proceedings of the Doe Heat-pump
DE82 017229 O.W. Markley Assessing Very Long-range Impacts From
DE83 000334 R.W. Thresher Modeling the Response of Wind Turbines
DE83 008114 F. Arumi-Noe Continuing Development of the Derob
DE83 013618 G.H. Lagner Jr. Evaluation of Methods for the Estimation
DE83 704544 G. Joensson Radonmaetning Inhomhus
DE84 000359 A.B. Shapiro Facet: A Radiation View Factor Computer...
DE85 007756 C.T.A. Chen Increase of Total CO2 in the World Ocean
DE85 016853 K.W. Frese Jr. Investigation of Electrochemical
DE85 752495 P. Hauge Madsen Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbine
DE85 752495 P. Hauge Madsen Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbine
DE85 752495 P. Hauge Madsen Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbine
DE86 001647 R.F. Meeks Particulate Contamination Control
DE87 007769 N.H. Harley The Measurement of 222RN and its
DE87 007789 C.R. Weisbin Proposal for Continued Research in
DE87 002133 J.L. George Field Study of Indoor Average Radon
DE90 602934 B. Micheelsen Department of Energy Technology
E87 007789 C.R. Weisbin Proposal for Continued Research in
HRP-0004219 Manuel for Plan Development
HRP-0014251 Blueprint for Public Relations and
LA-4370 Anthony A. Amsden The SMAC Method: A Numerical Tech
LA-UR-79-837 J.M. Hyman Method of Lines Approach to the Numer
LA-UR-85-1149 I.O. Bochachevsky Pulsed Hydrojet Propulsion
LA-UR-85-3518 J.A. Howell Alternatives to Fortrain in Control Systems
LA-UR-87-2662 A. Lapedes Nonlinear Signal Processing Using Neural
LBL-11687 H.J. Bryan Calculating Interior Daylight Illumination
LBL-12599 M.F. Modest Daylighting Calculations for Non-rect
MMM-3691-5 J. Wharam Snap-21 Program Phase II. Deep Sea
N66-32760 Scope of Work For Scientific and Tech
N69-23881 A. Silverleaf Prospects for Unconventional Marine
N69-40244 M.F. Card The Sensitivity of Buckling of Axially
N70-42195 An Investigation of the High Speed
N70-42196 An Investigation of the High Speed
N71-13769 C. Economos An Investigation of the High Speed
N71-30316 A.K. Noor Improved Mulitlocal Finite-difference
N71-33140 A. Stevens Mathematical Model for Two-dimensional...
N72-19029 J.C. Houbolt Cross-spectral Functions Based on Von
N72-28036 M.D. Tevebaugh Experimental System, and its Evaluation
N73-27936 L.L. Sutro Robot Vision
N74-14586 Nastran: Users� Experiences
N74-16756 H. Christaller Exploitation of Wind Energy
N74-19705 R.L. Thomas Status of Wind Energy Conversion
N74-19708 B. Soedergard Analysis of the Possible Use of Wind
N74-19908 V. A. Sandborn A Review of Turbulence Measurements in...
N74-31531 P. Juchem Are Wind Driven Power Plants Possible?
N74-31534 A.T.H. Gross Wind Power usage in Europe?
N74-34540 J.M. Savino A Brief Summary of the Attempts to
N74-34603 J.H. Richmond Computer Program for Thin Wire Antenna...
N75-10587 H. Vermeulen The Economics of Using Wind Power for
N75-13314 D.H. Hodges Nonlinear Equations of Motion for the
N75-28143 R.J. Imprescia Carbide Coated Fibers in Graphite
N76-10031 thru Aerodynamics Analysis Requiring
N76-10061 Aerodynamics Analysis Requiring
N76-24546 A System for Extracting 3-Dimensional
N76-28514 M.W. Rubesin An Experimental and Computational
N79-17269 W.G.J. Hart Influence of Corrosion Damage on Fatigue...
N79-23889 thru P.W. Hanson The Science and Technology of Low
N79-23903 P.W. Hanson The Science and Technology of Low
N79-21044 D.D. Meyer Development of Integrated Programs for
N79-27070 thru P.W. Hanson Science and Technology of Low Speed
N79-27085 P.W. Hanson Science and Technology of Low Speed
N80-26266 R.L. Sorenson A Computer Program to Generate Two
N81-27524 M. Savage Optimal Tooth Numbers For Compact
N82-10030 J.D. Ballard An Investigation of a Stoppable Helicopter...
N82-12216 J.P. Merutka Progress in Protective Coatings for
N82-17335 P.E. Hodge Review of NASA Progress in Thermal
N82-20900 P.M. Nagel Software Reliability: Repetitive Run
N82-22949 D. Gridley Program for Narrow-band Analysis of
N82-23390 F. Bianchi A Signal Processing Method Based on a
N82-27089 G.P. Succi On the Design and Test of a Low Noise
N82-31066 J.E. Mabry A Study of General Aviation Community
N83-10991 Automotive Stirling Engine Mod 1 Design...
N83-11436 H.J.M. Steeneken Development and Evaluation of a Dutch
N83-14546 Fatigue Evaluation of Wind Turbines. Part...
N83-15176 W. Ernst Automotive Stirling Engine Development
N83-18717 G.J Healy X-Wing Noise Data Acquisition Program
N83-19577 W.L. Willshire Jr. Rye Canyon X-ray Noise Test: One-Third
N83-21795 Stress, Information Processing and Coping...
N83-22153 P.R. Spalart Numerical Simulation of Separated Flows
N83-24173 A.B. Watson A Look at Motion in the Frequency Domain
N83-25036 J. Schreiber Testing and Performance Charcteristics
N83-28985 M. Mosher Acoustic Measurements of X-wing Rotor
N83-30110 E. Tadmor Finite-difference, Spectral and Gakerkin
N83-31730 Standard Tests for Toughened Resin
N83-32799 J.B. DeJonge The Analysis of Load-time Histories by
N84-20735 M.C. Bailey Analysis of Rectangular Microstrip
N84-29465 thru K.D. Kryter Physiological, Psychological, and Social
N84-29477 K.D. Kryter Physiological, Psychological, and Social
N84-33819 H. Harms Development of an Electrically Control
N85-10916 H. Tai Lifting Surface theory for a Helicopter
N85-12609 D.W. Clarke Control: A Suite of Interactive Transfer
N85-16878 W.F. Clement Mission-oriented requirements for
N85-25757 M. Nallasamy A Critical Evaluation of Various
N85-29928 P.L. Coe Jr. Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Tests of an
N85-31052 F.A. Jacobs Some Applications of Aeronautical
N85-33732 K.G. Shin Modeling and Measurement of Fault
N86-12218 R. Roy Real-time Flutter Identification
N86-13959 D. W Brewer Parameter Identification for a Robotic
N86-19239 B. A. Bellamy Thin Films and Interfaces
N86-28310 L.J.M. Joosten Electromagnetic Compatibility on Printed
N86-28917 D.L. Balough Identification of Linearized Equations of
N86-29879 Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Report
N87-12241 J.C. Knight Detection of Faults and Software
N87-16014 thru R.L. Wright NASA/DOD Control/Structures
N87-16048 R.L. Wright NASA/DOD Control/Structures
N87-17090 K.N. Shivakumar Energy Dissipation Associated with Crack
N87-18880 A. Baz Optimum Vibration Control of Flexible
N87-20400 R.R. Antcliff Application of Cars to Scramjet
N87-22729 thru Robert S. Ryan Structural Dynamics and Control
N87-22753 Robert S. Ryan Structural Dynamics and Control
N87-24495 thru Robert L. Wright NASA/DOD Control/Structures
N87-24512 Robert L. Wright NASA/DOD Control/Structures
N87-28056 Michael Gilbert The Effects of Aeroelastic Deformation on
N87-28634 Stanley D. Cloud Temperature Dependence of Inelastic
N88-12353 A Simplified Car Measurement System for
N88-163360 thru Judith Denton Third Conference on Artificial Intelligen
N88-16443 Judith Denton Third Conference on Artificial Intelligen
N89-15633 L. Saitta Spectrogram Segmentation
NP-4901631 Yearly Inspection of Concrete Test
NUREG/CR-3106 J.A. Young Comparison of 5min Radon Daughter
OSU-81-00070 T.W. Bremner Laboratory Report on Preparation of
PB81-122269 Wataru Kioka Green-Function Method for Wave.
PB82-158460 M. Ishizuka Computer Based Structural Damage
PB82-174376 R.G.S. Tanding Mean Wave Drift Forces: Theory and
PB82-205345 Robert Frederking Laboratory Tests on Ice Sheet Adhesion
PB83-105643 Final Environmental Impact Statement for
PB83-154187 T.A. Reinhold Investigation of Floor Vibrations in the
PB83-804880 Airport Development: Social and Economi...
PB84-107382 I.W. Dand Open Water Experiments on a ROV Thrus
PB84-118504 International Meeting of Radon-Radon
PB84-123348 D. Nitzan Machine Intelligence Research Applied to
PB84-141837 J.M. Edmunds CLADP User Reference Manual
PB84-143205 Flow Measurement Facilities at NEL
PB84-151646 D.A. Skiles Synthetic Voice-Power System
PB84-877380 Corrosion Prevention: Cathodic Protection
PB85-120293 J.G. Rose Fly Ash as a Component in Concrete
PB86-117090 W.D. Kenyon Cable-Guide Rail Tension
PB86-130416 D. Schofield Visualizations of Speech Based on a Mod
PB86-149457 B.R. Christopher Geotextile engineering manual
PB86-177359 D.H. Ferriss Numerical Determination of the Motion
PB86-207750 B. Randell Reliability Issues in Distributed Comput
PB86-854593 Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete
PB86-868601 Clean Room Technology
PB87-145413 E. Escalante Measuring the Corrosion Rate of Reinfor
PB87-199162 D.C. Sanchez Use of Diagnostic Measurements to
PB87-191847 M.C. Osborne Radon Mitigation in 10 Clinton, NY Hous
PB87-856332 Integrated Circuit Failure Modes
PB90-866625 Computer Aided Software Engineering
PB92-104686 A.G. Hobeika Optimal Diversion Strategies for a Modif...
PB-219 370 McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Accident Report American Airlin
PB-245 344 Craig T. Bowman Influence of Aerodynamic Phenomena on
PB-253 010 E.R. Dustan, Jr. Performance of Lignite and Subbituminous..
SAND-75-8695 R.E. Setchell Averaged Measurements in Turbulent Fla
SAND-76-0370 L.F. Shampine Quality of Funge - Kutta Formulas
SAND-83-1909C P.S. Veers Modeling Stochastic Wind on Vertical Ax
SU-326-P.39-13 B.R. Rau New Philosophy for Interconnection on
TT-70-57210 Air Pollution Volume 8.number 6
UCID-30183 D.M Tilly Linear Systems Analysis Program
UCRL-51515 E.K. Miller Computer Models for Antennas
UCRL-51693 R.W. Adams Study of a New Antenna Source Model
UCRL-51723 A.J. Poggio Integral Representations for Fields due to
UCRL-51821 Darrel Lager Fortran Subroutines for the Numerical
UCRL-51985 R.W. Adams Approximations for Terms Related to
UCRL-52112 F. William Numerical Methods in Hydrodynamic
UCRL-75428 A.J. Poggio Evaluation of Some Thin Wire Computer
UCRL-79823 I.F. Stowers Techniques for Preventing Damage to Hig
UCRL-84327 I.F. Stowers Need for a Contamination Control Textbo...
VTT-BET-68 M. Eerola Power Plant Ashes and their Utilizatio
Y-EA-37 E.E. Choat Significant Parameters of Clean Room

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