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Florida Public Documents KWIC Index Guide


Florida Public Documents KWIC Index Guide

The distribution of the first edition of a Keyword-in Context Index to Florida Public Documents in the August 1969 Florida documents depository shipment created interest in the classification scheme used for state documents in the Florida Atlantic University Libraries. The scheme was developed in 1966 as an attempt to create a quick, economical, and practical alternative to the systems then in use in other libraries.

The classification code grew out of the knowledge that the agency-based scheme of the U.S. Superintendent of Documents had been used successfully in libraries for a number of years. Florida governmental agencies and their publications were examined in the light of such a possibility. This resulted in a four element classification code:

Individual Publication Schedule

The classification code is completed according to the following schedule. Depending upon the "Type of Publication" number:

Type of Publication Designation

The second element of the classification is a number from the chart below which most nearly describes the type of document being classified:

The "type of Publication" designation uses a punctuation mark to separate it from the next element of the code. Originally, the mark was a colon ( : ), but for machine coding purposes, it was necessary to substitute the period ( . ). 

Simplified Cutter Table for Florida Documents

The cutter number is formed by taking the first letter of the work to be cuttered followed by numbers for the next two letters (independent of each other) according to the following:

Example: Birds= B 46; Tax=T 19

Conflicts in cutter numbers, arising from two different publications from the same agency on the same subject, are resolved by adding a slash and a number for succeeding publications or by cuttering one number away from the original.

The Agency Code

Each agency within the Florida government structure is assigned a unique two or three letter code--usually an acronym for the department name. Divisions fall underneath with another letter-occurrence of a division depending upon its publishing activity.


Table 1

ADM. A: Administration Board CAF. A: Community Affairs Dept.
ADM. B: Bond Finance Division CAF. B: Economic Opportunity Division
    CAF. C: Emergency Management Div
AG.A Legal Affairs Department CAF. E: Community Planning Division
AG.B: Attorney General's Office CAF. F: Training/Prof. Dev. Division
AG.C: Victim Services /Criminal Justice CAF. I: Office of Manpower Planning
    CAF. J: Public Safety Planning/Assist.
AGR. A: Agriculture & Consumer Services Dept. CAF. K: Housing & Community Development Division
AGR. B: Administration Division    
AGR. C: Standards Division CFS: Department of Children and Families
AGR. D: Marketing & Development Division CFS. F: Family Safety/Preservation
AGR. E: Dairy Division CFS. H: Mental Health Division
AGR. F: Fruit and Vegetables Division CFS. J: Refugee Programs Adm.
AGR. G: Inspector Division    
AGR. H: Animal Industry Division CIT. A: Department of Citrus
AGR. I: Food Safety Division CIT. B: Marketing Program
AGR. J: Plant Industry Division CIT. C: Economic & Market Research
AGR. K: Consumer Services Division    
AGR. L: Forestry Division COD: COMMERCE DEPT.
AGR. P: Agricultural Environmental Services Division COD.B Administration Div.
AGR. Q: Licensing Division COD.C Economic Development Div.
    COD.D Labor Div.
AUD : Auditor General Office COD.E Tourism Div.
AUD. B: Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability COD.F Employment Security Div.
    COD.G Intern. Trade & Dev. Div.
BPR: Business and Professional Regulation Dept.    
BPR. A: Administration Division COM: COMPTROLLER
BPR. B: Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Div. COM.A: Banking & Finance Dept.
BPR. C: Certified Public Accounting Div. COM.B: Administration Div.
BPR. D: Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes Div. COM.C: Accounting & Auditing Div.
BPR. E: Hotels and Restaurants Div. COM.D: Finance Div.
BPR. G: Pari-Mutuel Wagering Div. COM.E: Banking Div.
BPR. H: Professions Division COM.F: Securities Div.
BPR. I: Real Estate Division    
BPR. J: Regulation Division    
BPR.F: Medical Quality Assurance Division    


 Table 2

DEP: Environmental Protection Dept. FCD: South Florida Water Management Dist.
DEP. A: Admin. & Tech. Srvs. Div. FCD. B: NW Florida Water Management Dist.
DEP. B: Beaches & Shore (1993) Div. FCD. C: St. Johns River Water Management Dist.
DEP. C: Air Resource Management Div. FCD. D: SW Florida Water Management Dist.
DEP. D: Water Facilities Div.    
DEP. F: Marine Resources Div. GFW Game & Fresh Water Fish Comm.
DEP. G: Waste Management Div. FWC : Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
DEP. H: Recreation & Parks Div.    
DEP. I: Resources Management Div.    
DEP. J: State Lands Div.    
DEP.M: Ecosystem Management Div.    
DEP. P: Environmental Resource Permitting Div.    
    GOV. A: Governor's Office
DMS. A: Management Services Department GOV. B: Gov's. Highway Safety Commission
DMS. B: Administration Division GOV. C: Gov's. Council on Criminal Justice
DMS. C: Administrative Hearings Div. GOV. D: Amer. Revol. Bicentennial Commission
DMS. D: Building Construction Div. GOV. E: Gov's Citizens' Committee on Education
DMS. E: Capitol Police Div. GOV. F: Commission on Local Government
DMS. F: Communications Division GOV. G: Gov's Commission on Local Government
DMS. G: Facilities Management Div. GOV. H: Organized Crime Control Council
DMS. H: Information Services Div. GOV. I: Resource Recovery
DMS. I: Motor Pool Div. GOV. J: Gov's Council on Phys. Fitness
DMS. J: Personnel Management Services Div. GOV. K: Statewide Health Coord.Council
DMS.K: Purchasing Division GOV. L : Gov's Energy Office
DMS.L: Retirement Division GOV. M: Commission on Hispanic Affairs
DMS.M: Division of State Group Insurance GOV. N: Florida Ins. of Phosphate Research
    GOV. O: Inspector General
EDU. A: Education Department GOV. P: Planning & Budgeting Office
EDU. B: Public Schools/Community Development GOV. R: High Tech. & Ind. Council
EDU. C: Workforce Development GOV. S: Comm. on Community Serv. & Public/Private Partner
EDU. D: Universities Div. GOV. T: Government Accountability
EDU. E: Community Colleges Div.    
EDU. F: Fla. State School for Blind HCA. A: Agency for Health Care Admin.
EDU. G: Human Resource Development Div. HCA. B: Administration Div.
EDU. H: State Board Relations HCA. C: Cost Management & Control Div.
EDU. I: Council on Vocational Education HCA. D: Health Policy/Cost Control
EDU. J: Blind Services Division HCA. E: Quality Assurance Div.
EDU. K: Postsecondary Education. Planning Comm. HCA. F: State Health Purchasing
ELD. A: Department of Elder Affairs HLT: Department of Health
ELD. B: Office of Volunteer /Community Initiatives HLT. D: Office of Disease Control
    HLT. E: Environmental Health
FAM. A: Florida A & M University HLT. G: Medical Quality Assurance
FAU. A: Florida Atlantic University    
FIU. A: Florida International University HRS. A: Health & Rehabil. Services Dept.
FSU. A: Florida State University    
FTU. A: University of Central Florida HSM. A: Highway & Motor Vehicles Department
UF. A: University of Florida HSM. B: Administrative Services Div.
UNF.A: University of North Florida HSM.C: Drivers License Div.
USF.A: University of South Florida HSM.D: Highway Patrol Div.
UWF. A: University of West Florida HSM.E: Motor Vehicles Div

  Table 3

IIF.A: Internal Improvement Trust Fund Board of Trustees REG: Board of Regents
JUV: Juvenil Justice Department REV.A: Revenue Department
    REV.B: Ad Valorem Tax Div.
LE. A: Law Enforcement Department REV.D: Administration Div.
LE. B: Missing Children Clearing house REV.F: Tax Processing Div.
LE. C: Staff Services Dept. REV.G: Tax Payer Assistance Div.
LEG.A: Legislature Dept. SS.A: State Department
LEG.B: House of Representatives SS.B: Corporation Div
LEG.C: Senate SS.C: Election Div.
LEG.D: Joint Committees SS.D: State Library (Library & Information Services Div.)
LEG.E: Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations SS.E: Administrative Services Div.
LEG.F: Florida Energy Committee SS.F: Historical Resources Div.
LEG.G: Commission on Ethics SS.G: Cultural Affairs Div.
LEG.H: Enterprise Florida SS.H: Ringling Museum of Art
    SS.J: S. Foster Member/Folklife Program
LES.A: Labor& Empl. Security Dept. SS.K: Pensacola History Press Board
    SS.L: Historical Key West Press Board
LOT.A: Lottery Department SS.M: Historical Tallahassee Press Board
    SS.N: Licensing Div.
MA: Military Affairs Department    
MA. A: Adjutant General SUP: Supreme Court
MA. B: Historical Services Div. SUP.A: State Courts Administrator
    SUP.B: DUI Coordination Office
NR: Natural Resources Department    
    TR.A: Transportation Department
OR.A: Corrections Department TR.B: Finance & Administration Div.
    TR.C: Planning & Engineering Div.
PAD: Pardons Board TR.E: Public Transportation Operation Div.
    TR.F: Florida State Turnpike
PC: Public Service Commission TR.H: Engineering Support Services
PC.A: Environmental Regulation Dept.    
PC.B: Environmental Permitting Div. TRE.A: Insurance Dept.
PC.C: Environmental Programs Div.    
PC.D: Coordinating Council on Restoration of Kissimmee River Valley VAF.A: Veterans Affairs Department
PC.E: Waste Management Div.    
PC.F: Air Resources Management Div. AWI.: Agency of Workforce Innovation
PC.G: Water Facilities Div. AWI.D: Labor Market
PC.H: Water Management Div.    
PPC: Probation & Parole Comm.    

 Red color: Original agencies codes