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Current Events

Current Events


Situation in Ukraine  President of the United States announcing sanctions in order to support the government of Ukraine (3/17/14)

Flight Delay Information   Check out the status of all major U.S. airports during times of inclement weather - from the Air Traffic Control System Command Center at the FAA (1/8/14)

Monitoring Cleanup of Fukushima Nuclear Accident   Reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency concerning developments in the struggle to deal with the dangers created by the Fukushima Nuclear plant (11/18/13)

Government Shutdown and Effects   Summary of how shutdown effects various deparments and agencies - from CNN (10/2/13)

How the Health Insurance Marketplace Works   Blog from Healthcare.gov on what steps to take in order to gain coverage (9/25/13)

Health Insurance   Information and links from USA.gov concerning new health insurance options made possible through the Affordable Care Act (8/19/13)

Congressional Public Hearing on NSA Disclosures   Webcast of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence latest hearing with testimony from NSA officials (6/18/13)

Tornado Outbreak of May 20, 2013   National Weather Service page with fast facts, detailed map, and links to many additional information resources (5/24/13)

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month 2013   Information about events, online exhibitions, and audio/video presentations from Library of Congress (5/10/13) 

210th Anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase   National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) online exhibition  (4/30/13) 

Resources for Information on the Boston Explosions   FBI updates on the investigation and links to background information and additional resources  (4/17/13) 

Budget of the United States Government Fiscal Year 2014  President Obama's proposed budget for the coming year (4/12/13)

What is Sequestration?  Explanation and links from USA.gov detailing budget cuts and effects on the nation and its economic recovery. (3/23/13)

Now is the Time  Information and multimedia from the White House concerning President Obama's proposals to take action against gun violence (1/16/13) 

Hurricane Sandy  Latest information on recovery efforts with links to social media and local sites from Federal Emergency Management Agency (11/1/12) 

Mars Science Laboratory  NASA site for full information on the Mars rover "Curiosity"  (8/7/12)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act & Repeal of Obamacare Act  Congressional Actions and Bill Texts for both the health care legislation (HR 3590) passed on March 31, 2010 and the repeal of that legislation (HR 6079) passed by the House on July 11, 2012 (7/12/12)

Privacy Bill of Rights for Online Consumers  President Obama releases "comprehensive blueprint to improve consumers' privacy protections and ensure that the Internet remains an engine for innovation and economic growth" (2/28/12)

Post-JFK Assassination Tape Recordings   National Archives release of digitized audio recordings from Air Force 1 on November 22, 1963 . (2/02/12)



Economic Recovery



Recovery.gov  Primary site for federal information regarding efforts to stimulate the economy and a resource for discovering how taxpayer dollars are being spent.

Making Home Affordable.gov  Contains information and resources for homeowners who need assistance and are looking for refinancing or a modification of their mortgage terms.

The Financial Crisis: A Timeline of Events and Policy Actions  Presents an analysis of the present financial crisis and updates from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Progress on the Economy  Information from the White House featuring activities and legislation to stimulate the economy.

Employment Situation Summary  Monthly summary and statistics from an Economic News Release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics



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