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Digital Campus by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® allows students the flexibility to legally view course-assigned films outside of the classroom. Providing digital access to course-related films allows educators to enhance the learning experience without taking up valuable class time.

It was created for professors and administrators to enhance the curriculum by providing students with access to course-related films. Through Digital Campus, students can conveniently view assigned films - freeing up valuable class time and eliminating the time constraints of sharing copies.

Digital Campus is limited to current FAU faculty, staff, and students.

Titles Currently Available for Spring 2014

Getting Started

The vendor requires at least ten business days to process your request.

First-Come, First-Served: The FAU Libraries have a limited number of Digital Campus licenses available so be sure to contact us with your movie selections as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a request for a Digital Campus film?

Fill out the request form which is available here.

Who may make requests for Digital Campus movies?

Requests for Digital Campus movies are limited to current FAU faculty, staff, and graduate assitants teaching stand-alone FAU courses.

How do I search for films that are currently available from Swank?

You may use Swank's search portal which is available here. To see listings of films by subject, select one of the following:

Am I able to use any of the Digital Campus titles currently available through FAU even though I did not initially request them?

Yes, if you see a film listed on the Currently Available page that you would like to use, please fill out the request form and let us know the title and other pertinent information.

Can I email the film's link to my students instead of using Blackboard?

No, our license agreement with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. forbids our faculty from sharing these links with students via email. Please only include them in your Blackboard course instead.

You emailed the movie link to me as the the course instructor and explained that I should embed it in Blackboard. How do I do this?

The library has created a handout that explains how to embed the links into your Blackboard course.

I'm running into a problem with Blackboard. What should I do?

Blackboard information and assistance for faculty is provided through OIT.

How do students access the films?

Students will need to log in to their Blackboard accounts and select their course.The assigned film(s) should be listed. At that point students can click on the appropriate link to begin viewing the film. Films are delivered to students through a dedicated movie server using Microsoft Silverlight software. Silverlight is available through a free download and is compatible with both Macs and PCs.

What if I want the library to purchase the DVD of a film that I'm also requesting through Digital Campus?

To make a purchase suggestion or request, please use the Materials Suggestion Form.

Are there other streaming media titles that I can ask the library to purchase?

Yes, there are a number of providers that offer streaming media services. One example is Films on Demand, which is the digital education video product from Films for the Humanities & Sciences. To make a purchase suggestion from this vendor or other providers, please use the Materials Suggestion Form.

For questions not addressed here, please contact Maris Hayashi, Collection Development Librarian,

Understanding Copyright

Copyright Information provided by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. Also, take a look at the Digital Campus Guide to Using Movies in Your Curriculum.

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