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Specialization Liaison Extension Email
Accounting and Business Law Bruce Barron 561-297-2331
Anthropology Lauri Rebar 561-297-2902
Architecture Lauri Rebar 561-297-2902
Biological Sciences Sunghae Ress 561-297-6088
Chemistry & Biochemistry Sunghae Ress 561-297-6088
Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering Dawn Frood 561-297-3168
Communication & Multimedia Studies Larry Mello 561-297-4536
Communication Sciences &  Disorders Ken Frankel 561-297-0079
Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dawn Smith 561-297-1029
Counselor Education Ken Frankel 561-297-0079
Criminology & Criminal Justice Tom O'Brien 561-297-0204
Curriculum, Culture & Educational Inquiry Tom O'Brien 561-297-0204
Economics Bruce Barron 561-297-2331
Educational Leadership & Research Methodology Ken Frankel 561-297-0079
English Sheri Edwards 561-297-0032
Exceptional Student Education Ken Frankel 561-297-0079
Exercise Science & Health Prromotion Ken Frankel 561-297-0079
Finance Bruce Barron 561-297-2331
Geosciences Dawn Frood 561-297-3168
History Larry Mello 561-297-4536
Information Technology & Operations Management Tom O'Brien 561-297-0204
Languages, Linguistics & Comparative Literature Sheri Edwards 561-297-0032
Library Science Kristy Padrón 561-297-4318
Management Programs Tom O'Brien 561-297-0204
Marketing Tom O'Brien 561-297-0204
Mathematical Sciences Kristy Padrón 561-297-4317
Medicine Amanda Chiplock 561-297-4103
Music Teo Doras 561-297-3783
Nursing Kristy Padrón 561-297-4318
Ocean & Mechanical Engineering Dawn Frood 561-297-3168
Philosophy Sheri Edwards 561-297-0032
Physics Dawn Frood 561-297-3168
Political Science Larry Mello 561-297-4536
Psychology Rachael Neu 561-297-1217
Public Administration Lauri Rebar 561-297-2902
Reference Ken Frankel 561-297-0079
Religion Lauri Rebar 561-297-2902
Social Work Ken Frankel 561-297-0079
Sociology Rachael Neu 561-297-1217
Teaching & Learning Tom O'Brien 561-297-0204
Theatre & Dance Sheri Edwards 561-297-0032
Urban & Regional Planning Lauri Rebar 561-297-2902
Visual Arts & Art History Lauri Rebar 561-297-2902
Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Rachael Neu 561-297-1217
Videos Maris Hayashi 561-297-4317
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